Los Bananos

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Duchy of Los Bananos
Flag of Duchy of Los Bananos
Coat of Arms of Duchy of Los Bananos
Coat of Arms
Motto: Voor de Koning! (historic)
Anthem: '
Location of Duchy of Los Bananos
Regional Capital Los Bananos
Official language(s) Batavian, Germanian, Norse, Elw (all official)
 - Type bailiwick
 - Leader Jérôme Van Droogenbroeck
Area 67,536 km2 (26,075 mi2)
Population 8,369 (1692 AN)
Time zone(s) CMT+7

Los Bananos, officially the Bailiwick of Los Bananos (until 1691, Duchy of Los Bananos), is an Elwynnese bailiwick off the north-westernmost coast of Normark. It is located on the Keltian continent.

Francia acquired sovereignty over Los Bananos after the signing the Treaty of the Northern Hereditary Lands. In 1685, the island became Batavian, only to be transferred to Elwynn/Normark in 1691.


One of the first countries with which the Kingdom of Batavia entered into diplomatic relations was Flandristan, who donated the colony on 31.XV.1523 because of the revival of Batavia. Initially, the colony was called Nieuw-Dietsland, but that changed in 1524 AN in Los Bananos. The reason for the name change and origin of the name are unknown.

It was not until 1539 AN that the island in the far north of Micras was claimed. This makes the name of the island and the capital of the same name inimitable.

In 1690, the population of the islands, having had close informal relations on most levels with Normark, voted in a referendum to accede to Normark and Elwynn. In 1691, the transfer was complete.

The islands keep their flag and native languages for internal administration. Following the transfer, a proportion of the younger population moved southwards to Normark proper for better employment and educational opportunities.

The UDF is considering building a base on the islands.


The islands had at the census of 1692 a population of 8,369 persons, of which 70% spoke the Batavian language at home, 15% the Germanian language, and the rest other languages.