Llywelyn Lewis

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Llywelyn Lewis

Llywelyn Jack Lewis is the current Governor-General of the province of Calbion. Lewis is a man with a strong history and leadership in Calbion and who has served the Calbain population almost his entire life. For that reason, he was rewarded the appointment. Lewis is a man with a large backing of the Calbain community who is loyal to the Brettish government and whose life has been an example of the hard work and the willpower that has always characterised the Calbain.


Llywelyn Jack Lewis was born in the village of Gwynneth in central Calbion during the Maraguan period. Lewis' mother had been killed during the Jingdaoese-Calbain war among with many other members of the Calbain community who were massacred by the Jingdaoes forces. Lewis' father survived the slaughter and formed, together with other survivors the movement Ymwrthedd Calbain (Calbain Resistance). During the Maraguan conquest, Lewis' father fought against the Maraguan troops but soon realized that it was impossible to keep the Calbain state as it used to be. The young Llywelyn went to a Maraguan school in Aberfort where he excelled. During this time, the Calbain population moved north due to Maraguan segregation laws. Lewis moved to the city of Augdyn where he became a lawyer.

Soon after, Lewis became affiliated with politics. He founded the youth wing of the Plaid Calbinol, the Calbain party in the Maraguan congress, and later became the leader of the PC in Nissud province, where he was the only non-national party member to get elected into congress. Lewis used his position to warn agains Maraguan segregation policies and to defend the rights of the Calbain. He rejected the violent uprisings in Faenor but said he 'understood the distress'. Lewis gave up his seat when the Maraguan government reached a crisis and the country lost its independence. During this hiatus, Lewis worked hard to reestablish local Calbain communities.

During the troubles in Maraguo, Lewis showed himself a leader. He formed a stable Calbain state in the northern part of the island. Lewis was one of the first to decide in favour of joining the Commonwealth of the Brettish isles after the landing of Captain Jacen Weyne.

His son, also named Llywelyn, served as Governor-General as well.