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Llæng national football team

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Llæng Llæng
FMF member 2014 (conditional), 2016–18
Confederation WMFA
Home stadium Zi'yeh Kla Arena
FMF code LNG
First FMF intermicronational
Llæng Llæng 1–3 Shireroth Shireroth
Biggest win
Llæng Llæng 3–0 Voltrue Voltrue
Biggest defeat
Llæng Llæng 2–5 Elwynn Elwynn

The Llæng national football team was the football team which represented the Natopian autonomous territory of Llæng. It was a member of the WMFA.

The team was seen as the spiritual successor of Amokolia in that the vast majority of its players originated from this nation's team, but it did not retain its records. The team existed twice in the FMF's history; firstly as a conditional member in early 2014 as a Natopian protectorate, and secondly between early 2016 and late 2018 as an autonomous territory of Natopia.


The team was founded in early 2014 after the foundation of Llæng as the successor state to the Natopian protectorate of Amokolia. As the year's World Cup qualifying had already begun, with Amokolia's team involved, the team was planned to gain full FMF membership following the completion of the tournament. However, Llæng was dissolved shortly afterwards, after Natopia reduced its land claims, and the team was disbanded before being eligible to play any FMF-affiliated matches.

Llæng returned to Micras in early 2016 after being founded once more as an autonomous territory of Natopia, albeit with no official succession to Amokolia, which had regained its FMF membership as an independent nation between 2014 and late 2015. The year's qualifying rounds saw the team finish fourth in their six-team group with twelve points.

In the 2017 World Cup qualifiers, the team finished third in their four-team group with nine points.

The team competed in the 2018 Benacia Cup qualification rounds, where they finished fourth in their five-team group with nine points. Llæng left Micras in late 2018 after Natopia reduced its land claims.

Chronological competitive participation



Llæng used the following flag during both of its FMF affiliations: