List of universities in Natopia

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Natopians are strong advocates for education. Public education is guaranteed in several demesnes. Several Natopian university systems participate in a cooperation agreement, common campus construction, student and faculty exchanges, and recognize degrees awarded by each university.

List of colleges and universities:

  • University of Sororiya-Flaventia System
    • Velocipedium Academy, Butter Cow City, Sororiya
    • New School of Kierangrad at Aurochsburg, Aurochsburg, Sororiya
    • Eucal University, Eucal, Sororiya
    • Bagelston Public College, Bagelston, Sororiya
    • Newport Naval Academy, Fort Newport, Sororiya
    • All Language Arts Academy, Anmutstadt, Flaventia
    • Coeducational Technical College, Tassity, Flaventia
    • Anshin University, Andiopolis, Flaventia
    • Maritime Pilots Institute, Avenged City, Flaventia
    • Jaiesican Seminary and Secular School, Hazelwood City, Flaventia
    • Robert Davis College of Law, Mardukhaven, Flaventia
  • Ducal University Gwyneth of Waffel-Paine, Borders City, Klaasiya
  • Kaiseress Noor Academy, Riashil, Massat
  • University of Frenzyville System
    • University of Frenzyville, Frenzyville, Thalassa
    • University of Dos Gardenias, Dos Gardenias, New Alexandria
    • The Holy Seminary and Religious College of Thaleia, Thaleia, New Alexandria
    • The College of Melusine, Thaleia, New Alexandria
    • Imperial University of Alexandria in Triegon, Triegon, New Alexandria
    • The Frenzyville National College, Redquill, Neridia
    • The Prince's University, Eadricton, Neridia
    • The University of St. Andre, Port St. Andre, St. Andre
    • The University of Frenzyville in Lindstrom, Lindstrom, Lindstrom
    • The State University of Chancellorsport, Chancellorsport, Thalassa
    • The Prince's College, Etampes, Neridia
    • University of Denada, Denada, Thalassa
  • Normark–Elian Curriculum
    • Elian Academy for Religious Studies (Elijah's Rest, Normark)
    • University of Konungsheim (Elijah's Rest, Normark)
    • University of Nordiskehjem (Nordiskehjem, Normark)
    • University of Riddersborg (Riddersborg, Normark)
    • Alattio College (Alattio, Normark)
    • Sårensby College (Sårensby, Normark)
    • Dragevik College (Dragevik, Normark).