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|Solwych Dreigau Airport
|Solwych Dreigau Airport
|[[Ura By'ach]]
|{{Team flag|Calbion}}
|{{Team flag|Calbion}}

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This is a list of airport codes used worldwide by the nations of Micras. Airport codes are letter location identifiers that designate airports for destinations and other air transport needs.

Micras traditionally used a system of three-letter codes worldwide without coordination between nations. In 1699 AN, the Micras Organisation for Standardisation promulgated MOS–12 to standardized airport codes. MOS–12 codes are comprised of four letters, the first two derived from nations' two-letter country codes (MOS–1) and the last two unique to the airport. For example, Alexandretta Intercontinental Airport (letters "AX") in Meckelnburgh (two-letter code country code "MB") is designated "MBAX".

MOS–12 codes

MOS Code Airport Name Local area served Nation Status
CAAL Alwyn Airport North West Kilkelly Calbion Calbion
CAAR Aran Jack I International Airport Cybwlach Calbion Calbion
CABR Bryden James Sherrinford Airport South West Kilkelly Calbion Calbion
CACL Celebarad Airport Y Afordir Corachod Calbion Calbion
CAHL Halwrach Sant Siors Airport Ynyshir Calbion Calbion
CAKL Kilda Military Airbase Kilda Calbion Calbion
CAKI Kilkelly Jack II International Airport East Kilkelly Calbion Calbion
CAKR Kingsrock Airport Central Kilkelly Calbion Calbion
CALY Llysthur Arthur I International Airport Southern Ynys y Calbain Calbion Calbion
CAPY Pentyre Llywelyn II International Airport Central Ynys y Calbain Calbion Calbion
CAPA Porth Aerys Airport Aerys Calbion Calbion
CAAY Porth Ayre Military Airbase Northern Armoria Calbion Calbion
CADM Porth Duro-Sant Martynn International Airport Sant Martynn Calbion Calbion
CAED Porth Edward International Airport Northern Ynys y Calbain Calbion Calbion
CAPE Porth Erynn Military Airfield Porth Erynn Calbion Calbion
CAPL Porth Lewis Llywelyn Lewis International Airport Y Skerriach Calbion Calbion
CARH Rherci International Airport Ynys Fforst Calbion Calbion
CASP Sant Paula Military Airfield Sant Paula Calbion Calbion
CASY Solwych Dreigau Airport Ura'Byach Calbion Calbion
CASO Southgate Airport Ynys Herydd Calbion Calbion
CAYF Y Faenor Airport Armoria Calbion Calbion
LGNS Lac Glacei Northstar Spaceport Stardock Lac Glacei Lac Glacei
MBAS Alexandretta National Seaplane Base Alexandretta Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBAX Alexandretta Intercontinental Airport Alexandretta Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBBF Battleferd Point Air Force Base Battleferd Point Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBBU Boulonne Regional Airport Boulonne, Brittnay Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBFR Fríða Regional Airport Fríða, Hergilsey Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBLD Lunden Executive Airport Lunden Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBLZ Liubz International Airport Alexandretta Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBSC St. Cloud Executive Airport St. Cloud, Cumberland Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBSK Sanktago Regional Airport Sanktago, Regina Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBSM Salem Executive Airport Salem, Mondsee Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBTF Tuft Regional Airport Tuft, Ashland Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBTM Tillamark Regional Airport Tillamark, Cumberland Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
MBVC Victoria International Airport Victoria, Hurboldt Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
PBAP Abona Pilotus International Airport Wellingdon Port Balaine Port Balaine
PBVC Verlocke Cosmodrome Victoria Naval Station Port Balaine Port Balaine

Traditional codes

Code Airport Name Local area served Nation Status
ABB Ábbad International Airport Ábbad Palesmenia Defunct
ABX Albury International Airport Albury New Riverina Defunct
AHH Alfheim Høgmårk Defunct
AIA Antakşehir International Airport Antakşehir Thraci Confederation
AKK Alkhafen Kopen Austbard Defunct
ALK Fort Alkhiva Airfield Alkhiva Nouvelle Alexandrie
ALX Alexandretta Intercontinental Airport Alexandretta Meckelnburgh
AMU Amur International Airport Amur Palesmenia Defunct
ANM Anmutstadt Natopia Natopia
APC Xiacheng Union Airport Xiacheng Jingdao
AQB Aqaba International Airport Aqaba Constancia
AUG Aeroporto General Augusto Velarde Augusto Los Liberados Defunct
AVE Averna Airport Krasnocoria Defunct
AVI Austral International Airport Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union
AWA Albusweiler Austbard Defunct
AXS Alexandretta National Seaplane Base Alexandretta Meckelnburgh
BAG Bagelston Natopia
BAT Bath Municipal Airfield Centralya Defunct
BAV Baldersborg/Varg Høgmårk Defunct
BEH Berg Hafen Airfield Istvanistan Natopia
BER Bernicia Airport Jorvik Natopia
BEZ Bernzwei Airfield Istvanistan Natopia
BFA Bella Field Airport Koningsrots Batavia Defunct
BFP Battleferd Point Air Force Base Battleferd Point Meckelnburgh
BLN Dingcheng South Union Airport Dingcheng Jingdao
BOR Borders City Natopia
BOU Boulonne Regional Airport Boulonne, Brittnay Meckelnburgh
BRZ Brůz̀c͂awř Brůz̀c͂awř Jingdao
BUT Butter Cow City Natopia
BWP Gert Geens International Airport Bruswerpen Flanders Defunct
BYB Bybridge Nova England Defunct
BZW Bèuʐwàtûÿða̭ Áȑên-pák Bèuʐwàtûÿða̭ Jingdao
CAR Cario International Airport Cario Constancia
CAT Catavia Airport Shanbao Jingdao
CCC Crewe Connection Centre Mancunia Jamzinia Defunct
CIA Crécy Imperial Aerodrome Ibelin Defunct
CLG Fort Colgrad Military Airfield Fort Kolgrad Senya Occasional civilian use
CLP Clapham Mercury
COL Colgrad Airport Colgrad Senya
COR Aeroporto Internacional de Corcovado Corcovado Los Liberados Defunct
DAO Daocheng West International Haimiku Jingdao
DCN Deacon International Mercury
DNV Danville International Airport Danville Phinbella
DOD Duke of the Den International Aerodrome Mancunia Jamzinia Defunct
DOZ Doza International Airport Athlon Natopia
DRV Dragevik Høgmårk
DRW Driftwood International Airport Driftwood Jingdao
DUI Duilne Doras airfeld Arboria Natopia
DUR Duras airfield Skerry Isles Natopia
DYA Dyas Ærœport Dyas Senya
EAD Eadricton Airport Neridia Natopia
ELE Port Elerat Gerenia Defunct
ELI Elian airfield Whales Natopia
ELR Elijah's Rest airport Athlon Natopia
ENC Encliffe Mercury
EPR Eprat Airport Eprat Senya
ERS Ersenil International Airport Skerry Isles Natopia
ESK East Skerry Airfield Skerry Isles Natopia
ETA Etampes Airport Neridia Natopia
EUC Eucharis Airport Arboria Natopia
EUP Eupragia Airfield Athlon Natopia
EUR Eastern Eura Regional Airport Zinjibar Passio-Corum
FAR Fort Farpoint Airfield Skerry Isles Natopia
FNI Fort Nider Airfield Arboria Natopia
FPR Fort Pragma Airfield Athlon Natopia
FRD Fríða Regional Airport Fríða, Hergilsey Meckelnburgh
FRI Fort Friedel Airfeld Skerry Isles Natopia
FTA Fischtobel Austbard Defunct
GHW Ghawlama International Airport Ghawlama, Lontinien Hurmu International and domestic flights
GLA Monte Glacei International Airport Monte Glacei Lac Glacei International and domestic flights
GOD Gong Union Airport Buchuangong Jingdao
GRA Graveacre Airport Neridia Natopia
GRB Grandbay International Airport Krasnocoria Defunct
GRG Georgetown Intercontinental Airfield Vyktory Defunct
GVB Gravelbottom Airport Kalgachia Kalgachia
GVH General Vegaard-Havn Høgmårk Defunct
HAU Baichaitian National Airport Baichaitian Jingdao
HAZ Hazelwood Natopia
HBA Heiligbucht Austbard Defunct
HEA Herk Austbard Defunct
HEL Hellistelli International Airport Hellistelli Jääland
HER Hergon Airport Athlon Natopia
HHB Hermannshafen Bäreninsel Austbard Defunct
HIA Helderbourgh International Airport Helderbourgh Stadt Batavia
HIL Hill Bound Airfield Istvanistan Natopia
HMD Hammond Mercury
HOY Hoysa Austbard Defunct
HRS Harrisville International Airport Vyktory Defunct
IAS Imperial Airport Skyla Gran Verionia Defunct
IMA Imakuk Austbard Defunct
IRM Iron Mines International Airport Aurum Gran Verionia Defunct
IST Port Istvan International Airport Arboria Natopia
JBT Jasmine Bay International Airport Talenore Shireroth
JMS Royal Jamestown International Airport Vyktory Defunct
JOG Jogasim Airport Jogasim Senya
JOR Jorvik International Airport Jorvik Natopia
JVH Jodocus van Haltna International Airfield Kasterburg Kasterburg Closed
Jodocus van Haltna Airfield Caesterburgh Batavia
KAI King Kakali International Airport Ali'i Kaona Luthoria Defunct
KAU Kaupa Austbard Defunct
Kaupang International Airport Kaupang, Lake District Hurmu
KHZ Khorze-Holly International Airport Zolt Gran Verionia Defunct
KIA Koningsrots International Airport Koningsrots Batavia Defunct
KJW Walstadt International Airport Walstadt Natopia
KLM Klämen Gerenia Gerenia Defunct
KMZ Kuramizu Greater Sangun
KON Kronau Kronau Austbard Defunct
Luchthaven Schapenheul 's Koningenwaarde Batavia
KRA Krosan/Seima Austbard Defunct
KRX Kronstadt International Leichenberg Defunct
KZU Kurouzu Greater Sangun Defunct
LBZ Liubz International Airport Alexandretta Meckelnburgh
LDN Lunden Executive Airport Lunden Meckelnburgh
LHN Leichenhafen Leichenberg Defunct
LHT Lighthouse International Airport Skerry Isles Natopia
LIA Liga International Airport Defunct
LIN Lindstrom City Natopia
LUC Marcus Lucius International Airport Friebant Defunct
LUS A'ialufo le Lusa Lusa'aii Mercury Closed
LVA Lune Villa Aerodrome Lune Villa Ransenar
LYI Lye International Airport Lucien Passio-Corum
MAH Mahūti Áȑên I-paákjh Mahūti Jingdao
MAN Manchester Int. Airport Mancunia Jamzinia Defunct
MAQ Quaanamaq Austbard Defunct
MAR Marmont Airfield Neridia Natopia
MAY May International Mercury
MCI Manuel Collazo International Airport San Martin
MEH Mehlville Natopia
MER Mercury International Airport Mercury Mercury
MHM Moorheim Leichenberg Defunct
MIA Mirne Austbard Defunct
MJI Francis Joseph III International Airport Geneva Alexandria Defunct
MOR Moroni Airport Moroni Senya
MRC Mercury City Mercury
MRK Verkehrsflughäfen Merensk Merensk Unified Governorates
MTI Malliki Tosha International Airport Niyi Sanama
MUL Mullen Mercury
NAF Nafferton Mercury
NCA Newcastle Airport Mancunia Jamzinia Defunct
Northern Cibolan Airport Nouvelle Alexandrie
NEW Fort Newport Airfield Skerry Isles Natopia
NIS Niš Airport Niš, Rekozemlje Hurmu Domestic flights only
NIY Niyi City Airport Niyi Sanama
NIZ Nizbejn Airport Krasnocoria Defunct
NJC New Jucărești Juclandia Defunct
NKK Nekobarukiria Airfield Whales Natopia
NOE Nöbucht Austbard Defunct
NOR Northcliff International Airport Northcliff Floria
NPE Nuví Pelezu International Airport Krasnocoria Defunct
NSC National Security Centre Kuiper Mercury
NSF Northcliff St. Farrar International Airport Northcliff Floria
NSM Nevişahsınamünhasır International Airport Güneylimanı Thraci Confederation
NUE Newcastle-Upon-Eastmoor International Airport Newcastle upon Eastmoor Nova England Defunct
OLB Olbers Mercury
ORA Nortonian Regional Air Field Ossyo Natopia
PAJ Pajaro International Airport Port Arenas Krasnocoria Defunct
PBA Port Barret Mercury
PHF Phineas Flynn International Airport Rintis Island Phinbella
PIA Punta Santiago International Airport Punta Santiago Nouvelle Alexandrie
PKV Pukkvik Austbard Defunct
PNA Port Neil Airport Port Neil Nova England Defunct
PNT Pineappleton airport Skerry Isles Natopia
POB Aeroport de Poblenau Poblenau Defunct
PON Pontmistry Airfield Neridia Natopia
PSA Port St. Andre Airport Saint Andre Natopia
PTB Port Tibernia Airport Istvanistan Natopia
QUI Quinton Airfield Skerry Isles Natopia
RAS Raspur Airport Raspur Raspur, Constancia
RBH Robbenheim Austbard Defunct
RED Redquill International Airport Neridia Natopia
REI Reira Reiland Defunct
REY Rey Arcadio II International Airport Puerto Arcadio Los Liberados Defunct
RIJ Rijeka Vrata Airfield Istvanistan Natopia
ROL Rolla Austbard Defunct
RUT Rutis Austbard Defunct
RVH Rognvik Høgmårk Defunct
SAN Sansabury Aerodrome Sansabury Unified Governorates of Benacia
SAP Sapa Selo Airfield Neridia Natopia
SAT Stone Air Terminal Mancunia Jamzinia Defunct
SCH People's Airport of the Beneluccas Schaarlecht/Vladiskerrysk Northern Beneluccas Defunct
SCM Space City MSEO Airfield Space City Senya
SHI Shiroiwa Greater Sangun Defunct
SIF Silafucheng Union Airport Silafucheng Jingdao
SIL Siljak Airfield Neridia Natopia
SIN Sinders Airfield Wallis Island Haifa Defunct
SIR Sirroco Memorial Regional Airport Port Brent Passio-Corum
SJE Sjever Brezuliak Airfield Istvanistan Natopia
SJJ St. Jakob Jamein Austbard Defunct
SKJ Sashikiji Greater Sangun Defunct
SKT Sanktago Regional Airport Sanktago, Regina Meckelnburgh
SLA St. Lauritz Austbard Defunct
SLM Salem Executive Airport Salem, Mondsee Meckelnburgh
SPA Shepard Spaceport Skerry Isles Natopia
SPF Pforte Airport Istvanistan Natopia
SPW Springwind Islands International Airport Springwind Islands Phinbella
SRB Srbograd Airport Srbograd Krasnocoria Defunct
SRD Sardis International Airport Sardis Pontus Defunct
STC St. Cloud Executive Airport St. Cloud, Cumberland Meckelnburgh
STF Fort Steadfast Mercury
STJ St. John's Mercury
STM Stamford International Air Centre Vyktory Defunct
STW Stierschweig Leichenberg Defunct
SUR Súrajh Vélyu Nérlaód International Airport Palesmenia Defunct
SVC Svorgas-Colney Airport Svorgas Senya
SVI Svorgas International Airport Svorgas Senya
TAR Tara Airport Skerry Isles Natopia
TAS Tassity Natopia
TAW Tawlkar Gerenia Defunct
TAY Taylor International Airport Mercury
TBH Tunsberg Høgmårk Defunct
TEG Tegnvik Austbard Defunct
TFT Tuft Regional Airport Tuft, Ashland Meckelnburgh
THL Thalassapolis International Airport Thalassapolis Pontus Defunct
TIA Trévoux Imperial Airport Valencia Defunct
Tiana Airport Tiana Senya
TIG Tiga Ærœport Tiga Senya
TIR Tirlar int. airport Arboria Natopia
TKA Tavik Austbard Defunct
TLM Tillamark Regional Airport Tillamark, Cumberland Meckelnburgh
TOW Tow Law International Mercury
TRA Trauna Austbard Defunct
TRH Trollheim Høgmårk Defunct
UBH Ulvbo Høgmårk Defunct
ULJ Port Ulje Airport Krasnocoria Defunct
VER Kaiser Verion II International Airport Chryse Elluenuueq
VIA Vesüha International Airport Vesüha, Lake District Hurmu Serves both international and domestic flights.
VIC Victoria International Airport Victoria, Hurboldt Meckelnburgh
VIT Viten International Airport Viten Freeland Defunct
VKB Volksburg Leichenberg Defunct
VKC Verlocke Cosmodrome Victoria Naval Station Port Balaine
VLA Vladagrad International Airport Istvanistan Natopia Defunct
VNR Venira Reiland Defunct
VPH Victór Valèntich Flynn International Airport Phinéas Padolski Phinbella
WGR West Grinstead Mercury
WIA Wychwood Island Airstrip Mancunia Jamzinia Defunct
WLD Wellingdon International Airport Wellingdon Port Balaine
XCP Xechaspolis int. airport Tinalkina Natopia
XIA Xiaoxincheng International Airport Xiaoxincheng Jingdao
YAX Yasutomi International Greater Sangun Defunct
YTB Yaşar Talha Bülbül Airport Hazar Thraci Confederation

Airports without codes

Airport Serves Nation Status
Cárdenas International Airport Cárdenas Nouvelle Alexandrie Under construction
Denderhaven Airport Herckenburg Batavia
Eliria Aerodrome Eliria Elluenuueq Destroyed
Emperor Edgard II International Airport Edgardia Alexandria Defunct
Imperial Chrysean Airport Chryse Chryse
Mesior Lufthaven Mesior Shireroth
New Pyrus International Airport New Pyrus Genovia Defunct
Nuví Pelezu Airport Nuví Pelezu Krasnocoria Defunct
Pozdam-Liventhal Aerodrome Pozdam Elluenuueq
Shirekeep-Foley Aerodrome Shirekeep Shireroth