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This is a list of member nations of the Micras Hockey League.


Membership within the Micras Hockey League was first created soon after the federation's founding in preparation for the 2013 MHL season. Membership could originally be held by both clubs and countries, however, with the demise of the MHL club competition, membership was restricted to national federations only.

Current MHL members

National teams

Nation 2020 Division Joined Colours
Alduria Alduria CQ C-II C-II 2019               
Castilona Castilona B A A 2020          
Craitland Craitland A A A 2012               
Elwynn Elwynn CQ CQ 2020          
Etourney Etourney C B-I B-II 2019               
Florian Eura Florian Eura C B-II B-I 2019          
Floria Floria A A A 2018               
Freeland Freeland B B-II A 2018          
Helderbourgh Helderbourgh C C-I C-I 2018          
Incontinentia Incontinentia C C-I C-I 2019               
Jääland Jääland CQ C-I C-I 2019          
Jingdao Jingdao CQ CQ 2020          
Kalgachia Kalgachia CQ CQ 2020          
Krasnocoria Krasnocoria B B-II B-I 2019               
Lakkvia Lakkvia A B-II A 2017               
Lamantia Lamantia A A B-II 2015          
Lusa Lusa B B-II B-II 2015          
Mar Sara Mar Sara A B-I B-II 2013          
Mercury Mercury A A A 2014               
Merenolitovina Merenolitovina C C-I C-I 2019          
New Sussex New Sussex B B-I B-I 2014               
New Vaduz New Vaduz CQ CQ 2019          
Normark Normark CQ CQ 2020               
Nova England Nova England C B-I B-II 2017               
Nova English Korea Nova English Korea A A A 2013               
Osktrava Osktrava CQ 2020               
Phinbella Phinbella CQ C-II C-II 2019          
Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq A B-I B-II 2015          
Ralgon Ralgon CQ C-II C-II 2019          
Ransenar Ransenar CQ C-II C-II 2019          
River Warriors River Warriors A A B-I 2012          
Sanama Sanama CQ B-II B-I 2019               
Senya Senya A A A 2012               
Shireroth Shireroth A A A 2014          
Talenore Talenore CQ C-I C-I 2019               
Tellia Tellia B B-I B-I 2018          
Thracistan Thracistan CQ C-I C-I 2019          
Tiana Tiana CQ C-II C-II 2013