List of MBF three-letter codes

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List of all-time codes by nation

This list includes all codes ever used by the MBF, including those of former members. Active nations are highlighted in green. Nations highlighted in red were never represented in an MBF-sanctioned match during their membership.

Nation Code Confederation
Alduria Alduria ALD EBF
Alrig Alrig OIL WBF
Antakia Antakia AKI EBF
Astaronia Astaronia AST WBF
Batavia Batavia BAT WBF
Bayen Bayen BAY EBF
Birgeshir Birgeshir BRG WBF
Blepia Blepia BLP ABBU1
Caputia Caputia CAP KBU1
Centralya Centralya CYA ECBU1
Craitland Craitland CRA WBF
Domolica Domolica DML CTBU1
Dura Dura DUR WBF
Etourney Etourney ETN EBF
Florian Eura Florian Eura FLE EBF
Florian Republic Florian Republic FLO WBF
Freeland Freeland PRF WBF
Galactic Wyrm Assembly Galactic Wyrm Assembly GWA ABBU1
Gerenia Gerenia GRN ABBU1
Gerenian South Keltia Gerenian South Keltia GSK KBU1
Graustark Graustark GRA EBF
Hoenn Hoenn HON KBU1
Hondon Hondon HND ABBU1
Incontinentia Incontinentia ICT EBF
Itavr Itavr IVR ECBU1
Jingdao Jingdao DAO WBF
Kingdom of Coria Kingdom of Coria KOR WBF
Krasnarus Krasnarus KRS WBF
Lakkvia Lakkvia LKV WBF
Lamantia Lamantia LAM WBF
Los Liberados Los Liberados LIB WBF
Leylstadt Leylstadt LEL WBF
Lusa Lusa LUS EBF

Nation Code Confederation
Mancunia Mancunia MNC ECBU1
Mar Sara Mar Sara MRS WBF
Mercury Mercury MER EBF
Mishalan Mishalan MSH ABBU1
New Riverina New Riverina NRV WBF
New Vaduz New Vaduz NVD EBF
New Zimia New Zimia NZM EBF
Nijima Nijima NJM EBF
Nohavland Nohavland NOH ABBU1
Norrland Norrland NRL WBF
North Antarctica North Antarctica NAP EBF
Nova England Nova England NEN EBF
Nova English Korea Nova English Korea NEK EBF
Palesmenia Palesmenia PLM EBF
Port Ulje Port Ulje ULJ EBF
Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq QQQ EBF
Ralgon Ralgon HRE WBF
Ranentsi Ranentsi RAN KBU1
Ransenar Ransenar RNS WBF
Sanpantul Sanpantul SPT EBF
Senya Senya DES WBF
Shireroth Shireroth IRS WBF
Srbozemska Srbozemska SRB WBF
Talenore Talenore TLN EBF
Tellia Tellia TEL WBF
Thracistan Thracistan ROT WBF
Tiana Tiana TIA WBF
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates UGB WBF
Voltrue Voltrue VOL ABBU1
Vyktory Vyktory VYK ECBU1
Wallis Islands Wallis Islands WAL EBF
Wechua Wechua WEC EBF
Zandarijn Zandarijn ZND WBF

1 Confederation disbanded