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The following is a list of Kaisers of Shireroth in chronologial order, from the legendary beginnings of Shireroth until the present; the calendar used is the AN reckoning. Each reigning Kaiser or ruling Steward is listed with their accession date, date of birth, date of death and blood line. Periods in which the Landsraad ruled the Imperial Republic directly are marked as "Landsraad".

Many of the Kaisers in this list are legendary; Shireroth's modern founding was in 1443 (the beginning of the Third Era). Foreign recognition of the Kaisership occurred later, in approximately 1462, with Kaiser Metzler I ascending the throne. The accurate record keeping in the Imperial Household began with Gaelen II in 1465, and all accession dates after that are taken to be authentic.

Legitimacy has always rested upon descent from Kaiser Raynor I. After seventeen centuries, much of Western and Central Benacia, as well as a fair smattering of Babkhi and Kildari can claim this boon. Nonetheless the frequently rotating succession remained within the clutches of a dozen or so noble houses who jealously guarded their notoriously intermarried bloodlines. In spite of the the vigilance of the Imperial Republic's noble oligarchs there have been several "sanglorian" Kaisers in the modern era, alongside a half dozen inhuman Kaisers (whether revenants or aliens). As the Third Era wore on, things became progressively stranger, until a measure of sanity was restored by the confirmation of the dynastic succession in the hands of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion, itself being however troubled by some of its dynastic associations.

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Historical overview

Empire of Khaz Modan: -1211bN – -0bN
First Era: circa 0 AN – circa 880 AN
Second Era: 878 – 1442
Third Era: 1442 – Present

Debate continues as to whether the establishment of a new period of dynastic rule constitutes a fourth era. In the past, using a discredited historiography and calendar, as many as seven eras were postulated. However, following the Auspicious Occasion, a more rational approach to historical research has taken hold and the process of investigating and verifying the reigns of the Kaisers of the early era, and indeed the nature of their rule, is ongoing.

Since the foundation of the Imperial Republic in AN 79, the average reign of a kaiser has lasted for 11 years, with 25 years in the first era, 22 years in the second era, and 2.5 years in the third era (as of 1663).

The three longest-reigning kaisers have been Raynor I (79–169, 90 years), John II (1375–1441, 66 years), and Raynor IV (660–720, 60 years). Since the foundation of the modern Shireroth and the beginning of the third era (1443), the three longest-reigning kaisers have been Kaiser Ayreon IV (reigning 1650–1671, 21 years), Kaiser Gaelen I (1449–1461, 12 years), and Kaiseress Mira Raynora Minor (1595–1602, 7 years).

First Era

No. Portrait Regal name Personal name Birth Reign Death Succession Bloodline Note
1 Raynor I.png Kaiser Raynor I Raynor Me'Jiliad Brookshire, 44AN 79–169 AN 169 AN, aged 125 Summoned his three children before taking
his life at old age by euthanasia,
announced that Brrapa would succeed him
Raynor Considered to be mythical by most modern historians.
2 Brrapa I.png Kaiser Brrapa I Brrapa Metzler Me'Jiliad Shirekeep, 102 AN 169–207 207 AN, aged 105 Metzler
3 Erik I.png Kaiser Erik I Erik Metzler Me'Jiliad c. 140 207–226 226, aged 76 Metzler
4 Raynor II.png Kaiser Raynor II Niglai Raynor Me'Jiliad 170 226–266 266, aged 96 Raynor
5 Brrapa II.png Kaiser Brrapa II Erik Brrapa Me'Jiliad 176 266–277 277, aged 101 Metzler Fasted to the point of death in an attempt to place a curse upon the rebellious chieftain who usurped his throne.
6 Nicholas I.png Kaiser Nicholas I Nikkolo du Grifos 257 277–298 298, aged 41 Grifos
7 Kaiser Paul I 298–316 Ly'Technomaezj
8 Kaiser Raynor III 316–338 Raynor
9 Kaiser Marcus I 338–360 Alexander
10 Kaiser Marcus II 360–370 Alexander
11 Kaiser James I 370–395 Haiken
12 Kaiser Marcus III 395–396 Alexander
13 Kaiser James II 396–398 Haiken
14 Kaiser Timothy I 398–429 Ballard
15 Kaiser Leto I 429–464 Ly'Technomaezj
16 Kaiseress Isa I 464–471 Ballard
17 Kaiser Paul II 471–514 Ly'Technomaezj
18 Kaiser Francis I 503–568 Fenrir
19 Kaiser Matthew I 514–515 Everstone
20 Kaiser Edwin I 515–589 Machiavelli The Line of Machiavelli was established when the King of Machiavellia, a neighbour and ally of Shireroth, married into the Line of Raynor and installed himself in Shirekeep thus earning acclamation as Kaiser. Technically, Edwin was the first Sanglorian kaiser.
21 Kaiser Daniel I 568–625 Fenrir
22 Kaiser Timothy II 589–629 Ballard
23 Kaiser Paul III 625–660 Ly'Technomaezj
24 Kaiseress Isa III 629–720 Ballard
25 Kaiser Raynor IV 660–745 Raynor
26 Kaiser Paul IV 720–754 Ly'Technomaezj
27 Kaiser James III 745–788 Haiken
28 Kaiser Leto II 754–790 Ly'Technomaezj
29 Kaiser Trantor I 788–860 Ly'Technomaezj
30 Kaiser Jason I 790–848 Steffki
31 Kaiser Brrapa IV 848–865 Metzler

Second Era

The second era was dominated by warring states, who somewhat tenuously laid claim upon the bloodlines of the Kaisers of the preceding era, who vied for dominion over the course of the Red Elwynn between Shirekeep and Musica. An increasing reliance upon necromancy and daemons on the part of the houses as they struggled for paramountcy saw the society of the duchies of Brookshire and Goldshire progressively undermined until, after the diabolical pact of Kaiser John, those who remained were unable to maintain the sovereignty of eastern Benacia in the face of foreign colonists.

No. Portrait Regal name Personal name Birth Reign Death Succession Bloodline Note
32 Kaiser Edward I 860–927 Machiavelli
33 Kaiser James IV 865–906 Haiken
34 Kaiser Raynor V 906–972 Raynor
35 Kaiser Jason II 927–950 Steffki
36 Kaiser Loki I 950–1011 Grifos
37 Kaiser Edwin II 972–1047 Machiavelli
38 Kaiser Brrapa III 1011–1033 Metzler
39 Kaiseress Isa II 1033–1105 Ballard
40 Kaiser Trantor II 1047–1102 Ly'Technomaezj
41 Kaiser Jason III 1102–1154 Steffki
42 Kaiser Paul V 1105–1144 Ly'Technomaezj
43 Kaiser Francis II 1144–1186 Fenrir
44 Kaiser Edward II 1154–1154 Machiavelli
45 Kaiser James V 1154–1187 Haiken
46 Kaiser Raynor VI 1186–1239 Raynor
47 Kaiser Nicholas II 1187–1224 Grifos
48 Kaiser Jason IV 1224–1279 Steffki
49 Kaiser Raynor VII 1239–1269 Raynor
50 Kaiser Iago I 1269–1321 Metzler
51 Kaiser Iago II 1279–1324 Metzler
52 Kaiser Nicholas III 1321–1357 Grifos
53 Kaiser Raynor VIII 1324–1337 Raynor
54 Kaiser John I 1337–1357 Metzler
55 Kaiser Raynor IX 1357–1375 Raynor
56 Kaiser John II 1375–1441 Metzler Torn apart by the Shirekeep Mob.
57 Kaiser Daniel II 1441–1443 Fenrir Defeated and executed by John II. Reputedly fed to a daemon in the Pit of Mur built beneath Raynor's Keep.

Third Era

No. Portrait Regnal name Personal name Birth Reign Death Succession Bloodline/House Note
58 Kaiser Erik II Erik Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler 1415 1443–1445 1445 Killed by his successor Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler Provisional Government, then annexed by Audentior (VII.1444)
Direct Democracy Riots
59 Kaiser Brrapa V 1445–1448 Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler Secession from Audentior (1446) followed immediately by annexation by the Flying Islands of Jasonia in the same year.
60 Kaiser Trantor III 1448–1449 Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler
61 Kaiser Gaelen I Gaelen Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler 1449–1461 1461 (natural causes) Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler Broke away from Jasonia (1451)
Amity Crisis (1451–1452)
Submission of Elwynn (1452)
Ruled by Commonwealth of Benacia (1455–1458)
Paramount War (1456)
Hegemony of Alexandros (1458–1466, part of Tymaria after 1461)
62 Kaiser Brrapa VI 1461–1462 Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler Ruled by the United Republic of Tymaria (est 1461)
63 Metzler.jpg Kaiser Metzler I 1462–1465 Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler Governed from Yardistan.
64 Kaiser Gaelen II 1465–1466 Ly'Technomaezj
65 Kaiser Ari 0 1466 Dissolved in aqua regia Ly'Technomaezj Wore a dolphin skin and bathed in human blood
Well regarded in Babkha.
Steward Fax Celestis 1466 Haiken Localised Civil War with Yardistan.
66 Kaiser Mors I 1466–1468 Mortis]] De facto independence from Tymaria (1466)
Philip Locke set a fire amongst the papers of the government record office. Infamy and historical blind-spot ensues. (1467)
67 Kaiser Ikol I Fax Lacrymosa-Haiken 1468 Grifos
68 Kaiser Lacrymosa I 1468 Haiken
69 Kaiser Los I Kian Raynor (birth name)
Kalir Sethan
Kal'ri Sethanion
1468–1469 Kalir
70 Kaiseress Viviantia 1469–1470 Mortis Formal secession from Tymaria
71 Kaiser Mors II 1470–1472 Mortis By this point in the dissolution of Tymaria, the states of Hyperborea, Yardistan, Jaris, and Akerbjorn have fallen under Shirerithian rule.
72 Kaiser Mog James Haiken 1472–1473 Grifos Foolishly attempted to cede Amity and Mirioth.
Letifer's Revolt
73 Kaiser Letifer I 1473–1475 Grifos
Palace of Zirandorthel.png Landsraad 1475
Steward Nikkolo 1475–1477 Grifos 1st Oustfest
74 Kaiser Raynor X 1477–1482 Raynor Battle of Cimmeria (1477)
75 KA1.png Kaiseress Aurefiction Aurefiction Auraumbre Utasia, 1462 1482–1483 Raynor's Keep, 1483
suicide by snake bite
Banned several bloodlines from succession Steffki Mango–Camel Pact (XV.1482)
76 Kaiser Meskan I Meskan Harvey Steffki 1483–1484 Succeeded by wife Steffki
77 KJI.png Kaiseress Jadie Jadie Doran Delvenus, 1457 1484–1486 Kralizec, 1567 Succeeded by new husband Doran
78 Kaiser Mors III Erik Mortis III 1486–1489 Mortis Elfinshi War (1488–1489)
79 Kaiser Wylþeow 1489–1493 Grifos
Palace of Zirandorthel.png Landsraad 1493 War of the Wylthean Succession
80 Kaiser Lacrymosa II 1493 Haiken
81 Kaiser Los II 1493–1496 Kalir
82 Kaiser Raynor XI 1496–1499 Raynor
83 Morsnerrolarportrait.png Kaiser Mors IV Shyriath Farstrider (birth name)
Mors Nerrolar (later name)
1499–1502 Mortis
84 Kaiser Ari i Ari Jouksiaisenpoika (birth name)
Ari Kaukainen (after his reign)
1502–1504 Ly'Technomaezj Grand Commonwealth est. 1503
Cold War against Babkha
85 Kaiseralejian.jpg Kaiser Alejian I 1504–1507 Grifos
86 Kaiser Los III 1507–1508 Kalir Jaris War (1507–1508)
War of Vengeance (1508–1624)
87 Yarad.jpg Kaiser Yarad 1508–1510 Kalir New Feudalism
88 KSI.png Kaiseress Semisa I 1510–1512 Haiken
89 Kaiser Letifer II 1512–1514 Grifos
90 Kaiser Alejian II 1514–1518 Grifos
91 Kaiser Meskan II 1518–1519 Steffki
92 Kaiseress Carol Karol Umm Hipad
Carol, Hypatia's Mom
1519–1524 Doran
93 Kaiseress Hypatia Hypatia Agnesia 1524–1528 Doran
94 Kaiser Letifer III 1528–1533 Grifos Mango-Camel Pact reaffirmed (1532)
95 Kaiser Mahamantotarebadum Mahamantotarebadum Win'Eth 1533 Win'Eth Mahamantot's Coup.
96 Kaiser Mors V 1533–1537 Killed by a band of escaped mental patients. Mortis Great Consolidation (XIII.1533)
Babkhano-Lokiist Strife (1537–1544) begins.
97 Kaiser Hasan.jpg Kaiser Hasan I Hesam Jahandar 1537–1541 Ardashirshahr, 1541 Assassinated by Ardashir Kalir War of Jeremy's Nose (1539–1542)
Ceded Shireroth to Babkha
98 Rashidayreon.jpg Kaiser Ayreon I Rashid Arsalani Kalirion Shahzamin (Babkha), 1450 1541–1544 Raynor's Keep, 1544
(assisted suicide)
Bad guilt over the Babkhan cession
caused him to name his opponent
Jacobus to the kaisership before killing himself
Ayreon-Kalirion Kai Aphmyarkaiph (1542–1543)
Babkhano-Lokiist Strife ends.
Steward Oroigawa Koreyasu 1544 van der Sluijs
99 Loki III.jpg Kaiser Loki III Jacobus Kahunamea Loki Lac Glacei, 1515 1544–1547 Grifos
100 Kaiser Reynardine I 1547–1548 van der Sluijs Technically a Sanglorian kaiser.
101 Kaiser Agni 1548–1551 Raynor
102 Kaiser Erasmas 1551–1552 Raynor
103 Kaiseress Anandja I 1552–1555 Grifos
104 Kaiser Gaelen III 1555–1557 Ly'Technomaezj
105 Aurangzeb Portrait.png Kaiser Aurangzeb Ardashir Piroz Aurangzeb al-Osmani-Steffki Eliria, 1542 1557–1559 Tasneemia, 1609 Line of Steffki
106 Kaiser Leto III 1559–1561 1561 Win'Eth 1st Flag Controversy.
107 Malarbor.gif Kaiser Malarbor 1561–1562 First daemon overlord.
108 Kaiser Mors VI 1562–1564 1564 Mortis Destruction of the ancient Duchies.
House System introduced (1562)
Princedaniel.jpg Steward Daniel Lla'i Ayreon-Kalirion Nidaros (Stormark), 1542 1564 Andelarion House (Cape Farewell), 1586 Ayreon-Kalirion
109 Kaiseress Anandja II 1564–1565 Mortis
110 Kaiserikolii.png Kaiser Ikol II 1565–1566 Kalir
111 Kaiser B'caw 1566–1567 Mortis Great Fire of Shirekeep (1567)
112 KO1.png Kaiser Ometeotl I Erik Ometeotl Mortis 1567–1570 Mortis Elwynn declares independence & House System ends (1567)
Landsraad open to all citizens for 1st time.
Restoration of duchies.
Duchy of Raynoria briefly established in the former lands of Brookshire (1567).
113 Kaiser Fish XII 1570–1572 Van der Sluijs
114 Kaiser Magni 1572–1574 Van der Sluijs
115 Gaelen IV.png Kaiser Gaelen IV 1574–1577 Win'Eth
116 Cedris.jpg Kaiser Cedris Giles Melang Unknown 1577 On the eve of the Landsraad voting
him out of office, he resigned
Carl Jackson, Steward.jpg Steward Carl Jackson Novi Nigrad, 1539 1577 Novi Nigrad, 1612 (heart failure) Sanglorian
117 Rei I.png Kaiseress Rei Aþame Issela Mari Vāstra Miše (Firneramnen), 1529 1577–1579 Abdicated to the Steward Sanglorian First alien overlord.
118 Kaiser Reynardine II 1579–1584 van der Sluijs
99 Loki III.jpg Kaiser Loki IV Jacobus Kahunamea Loki Lac Glacei, 1515 1584–1587 Grifos Second reign
119 Kaiser Hasan II Jacob Kalir c. 1560 1587–1588 Kalir
120 Ayreon2.jpg Kaiser Ayreon II Elijah Danielion Ayreon-Dariolin of Waffel-Paine Huyenkula, 1571 1588–1589 Walstadt, 1598
crucified by Sisera
defection to Free Elwynn
121 Kaiser Wythe Jonathan Nelson Wythe II 1589–1591 Sanglorian
122 Yardistanislaus.png Kaiser Yardistanislaus I Yardistanislaus "Stan" Benkern Mar Sara, 1499 1591–1593 Mar Sara, 1604 Grifos
123 Kaiser Ometeotl II Erik Ometeotl Mortis II 1568 1593–1594 Shirekeep, 1610 (suicide) Abdicated Mortis Gave the throne to his fiercest critic
124 Kaiseress Mira Raynora Major Anthrazita Leijchwittchen von Rossheim 1594–1595 Raynor First regnant corpse.
Instigator of the unravelling of Imperial sovereignty and the rise of the Imperial States.
125 Kaiseress Mira Raynora Minor Marie Dolores von Rossheim 1595–1602 Raynor Second regnant corpse.
The Green Mortality begins.
Steward Shyriath Bukolos 1602 Mortis Spent tenure as hostage of Balarak Alaion.
126 Kaiser Aiomide Aiomide Oqtavion Eliria, 1553 1602–1608 Shirekeep, 1608
Octavius Embraced undeath, passed through Balgurd, returned to the corporeal world with knowledge of the doom of man. Ascended being. Venerated by minor cults.
127 Kessei.gif Kaiseress Semisa II Kessei Aþame Mitēuřamae Anykylin Imar Aňira (Firneramnen), 1308 1608 Abdicated to the Anarch of Yardistan Sanglorian Second alien overlord.
128 Trantor IV.png Kaiser Trantor IV Spencer Jackson Musica, 1554 1608–1609 Venira (Safirian Micras), 1618 (assisted suicide) Ragequit the throne Sanglorian
Palace of Zirandorthel.png Landsraad 1609–1610
129 Ryabinportrait.png Kaiser Mo'll I Ryabin Merkayastreb 1610–1613 Steffki Enjoyed the popularity that only victims of assassination can lay claim to, in spite of surviving.
83 Morsnerrolarportrait.png Kaiser Mors IV Nerrolar
The Returned
1613–1615 Mortis Third regnant corpse.
Second reign.
Stellusportrait.png Steward Stellus Yastreb 1615 Sanglorian Reputedly murdered by the daemonic tree Malarbor.
Palace of Zirandorthel.png Landsraad 1615
130 Kaiser sehml.png Kaiser Sehml Ludwig Drakire
Luix Rakira (Elw)
Lindström, 1560 1615–1617 Demonsfall, 1617 Line of Drak
131 KaiserRedquill.png Kaiser Redquill Ryker Everstone Goldendown, 1589 1617–1620 Abdicated Redquill Kildare declares independence, becomes Jingdaoese vassal state. Beginning of the Sxiro-Jingdaoese Confrontation.
132 Kasanrajon.jpg Kaiseress Isa IV Cassandrae Elsa Kasanrajon (Elw)
Elsa Kassandredottar
Cape Farewell, 1470 1620 Raynor's Keep, 1620 Ayreon-Kalirion
133 Jonathan2.jpg Kaiser Ayreon III Mirza Jonathan Merlingsson Ayreon-Kalirion Hurmu, 1603 1620–1623 Light, 1629
Ayreon-Kalirion Budget and law reform
134 Verion1.jpg Kaiser Verion Jacob Darylion-Verion Azshara (Illumination), 1590 1623–1624 Shirekeep, 1632 Verion Established S.W.O.R.D. and looted the Imperial Treasury to finance it
135 Daniel III.png Kaiser Daniel III Ašúra Ilāþriái Danīel Maìaqa Aňira (Firneramnen), 1584 1624–1629 Abdicated in accordance with Imperial Decree 744 Sanglorian Third alien overlord.
136 75x Kaiseress Kizzy Kizzy Drakland Demonsfall, 1597 1626–1629 died 1639,
returned 1650
finally dead for real 1675
137 Painting Jacobus Loki.png Kaiser Raynor XII Raynor Jacobus Loki 1629–1634 Grifos
138 Brrapa VII.jpg Kaiser Brrapa VII Kaltor Win'Eth 1634–1635 1535 River War Win'Eth
139 KH.png Kaiser Hjalmar Hallbjörn Haraldsson Port Nevermore (Kildare), 1588 1635–1639 Abdicated in favour of son Audun Joel Sanglorian Wars of the Dark Orchid begin (1635).
140 Kaiserhjalmarredquill.jpeg Kaiser Hjalmar Redquill Audun Joel Ayreon-Kalirion Haraldsborg (Stormark), 1616 1639–1642 Eliria, 1651 Abdicated Ayreon-Kalirion (illegitimate)
141 Dominus Tarjeisson.png Kaiser Dominus Thorgils Tarjeisson Slevik (Normark), 1593 1642–1644 Raynor's Keep, 1644 Oustfest Massacre Verion Known as "Limp-Foot", reign ended due to conspiracy of nobles
Palace of Zirandorthel.png Landsraad 1644
142 Noor 1644.jpeg Kaiseress Noor Noor as-Salaam bint Daniyal
Umra Suleiman Ayreon-Kalirion
ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin
Sathrati af Ettlingum Freyu
Umm Zahir al-Din of Waffel-Paine
Ardashirshahr, 1604 1644–1650 Ura'Bos, 1650 Murdered by her son Adam Ayreon-Kalirion Wars of the Dark Orchid end (1644).
Benacian Reconquest begins (1649).
143 Kaiserayreoniv.png Kaiser Ayreon IV Vidar Salim Livarson
Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed
al-Osman bin Sathrati
of Waffel-Paine
Raynor's Keep, 1645 1650–1671 Raynor's Keep, 1671 Murdered during the Kalirion Fracture Ayreon-Kalirion
144 Salome.1688.png Kaiseress Salome Salome Ylva Octavia 17.VII.1665 1671– Ayreon-Kalirion Daughter of Ayreon IV.
Reign disputed by Anti-Kaiser Titus Morvayne until 1674.