List of FMF three-letter codes

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The following is a list of nations' three-letter codes used by the FMF.

List of currently-used codes by nation

This is a list of codes which are in current use by the FMF.

Nation Code Confederation
Arboria Arboria ARB AEFA
Astaronia Astaronia AST AEFA
Athlon Athlon ATH CTFA
Birgeshir Birgeshir BRG CTFA
Blackstone Blackstone BLA WMFA
Blepia Blepia BLP AEFA
Brettish Isles Brettish Isles BRE WMFA
Calbion Calbion CAL CTFA
Caputia Caputia CAP EMUFA
Centralya Centralya CYA CTFA
Constancia Constancia CON AEFA
Craitland Craitland CRA WMFA
Domolica Domolica DML WMFA
Dura Dura DUR AEFA
Eklesia Eklesia EKL AEFA
Elwynn Elwynn ELW WMFA
Etourney Etourney ETN CTFA
Florian Republic Florian Republic FLO AEFA
Freeland Freeland PRF AEFA
Gerenia Gerenia GRN AEFA
Gerenian South Keltia Gerenian South Keltia GSK EMUFA
Gotzborg Gotzborg GTZ AEFA
Greater Sangun Greater Sangun GSA CTFA
Hoenn Hoenn HON EMUFA
Hondon Hondon HND AEFA
Incontinentia Incontinentia ICT EMUFA

Nation Code Confederation
Itavr Itavr IVR CTFA
Jingdao Jingdao DAO AEFA
Juclandia Juclandia JUC EMUFA
Kalgachia Kalgachia KAL WMFA
Kasterburg Kasterburg KAS WMFA
Kingdom of Coria Kingdom of Coria KOR AEFA
Krasnarus Krasnarus KRS AEFA
Lakkvia Lakkvia LKV AEFA
Lamantia Lamantia LAM AEFA
Llæng Llæng LNG WMFA
Lostisland Lostisland LOS EMUFA
Lusa Lusa LUS CTFA
Mancunia Mancunia MNC CTFA
Mar Sara Mar Sara MRS CTFA
Mercury Mercury MER EMUFA
Merenolitovina Merenolitovina MLV WMFA
Mishalan Mishalan MSH WMFA
Natopia Natopia NAT CTFA
Neo Patrova Neo Patrova NPT AEFA
New Vaduz New Vaduz NVD EMUFA
Nohavland Nohavland NOH AEFA
North Antarctic Domain North Antarctic Domain NAD CTFA
North Antarctica North Antarctica NAP CTFA
Nova England Nova England NEN EMUFA
Nova English Korea Nova English Korea NEK EMUFA
Old Oil Rig Old Oil Rig OIL AEFA

Nation Code Confederation
Passas Passas PAS EMUFA
Passasian Unincorporated Territory Passasian Unincorporated Territory PUT EMUFA
Passio-Corum Passio-Corum PSC CTFA
Pontus Pontus PON EMUFA
Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq QQQ CTFA
Qyzylqaystan Qyzylqaystan QYZ AEFA
Ranentsi Ranentsi RAN EMUFA
Raspur Raspur RUR AEFA
Réunion Réunion REU AEFA
River Warriors River Warriors RVW AEFA
Saint Andre Saint Andre AND AEFA
Senya Senya DES AEFA
Shireroth Shireroth IRS WMFA
Stormark Stormark STO AEFA
Strait of Haifa Strait of Haifa SOH EMUFA
Talenore Talenore TLN EMUFA
Tellia Tellia TEL WMFA
Tiana Tiana TIA AEFA
Treisenberg Treisenberg TRS CTFA
Two Martyrs Two Martyrs VTM CTFA
Victoria Victoria VIC AEFA
Voltrue Voltrue VOL WMFA
Vyktory Vyktory VYK CTFA
Wechua Wechua WEC EMUFA
Xang Muang Xang Muang XNG EMUFA
Zandarijn Zandarijn ZND CTFA

List of all-time nations by code

This list includes all codes ever used by the FMF, including those of former member nations. Active nations are highlighted in green. Nations highlighted in red were never represented in an FMF-sanctioned match during their membership.

Code Nation
ADR Adraisia Adraisia
AFR Afrikaana Afrikaana
AKN Ashkenatza Ashkenatza
ALB Albion Albion
ALX Alexandria Alexandria
AMK Amokolia Amokolia
AND Saint Andre Saint Andre
ANT Antica Antica
API Apiya Apiya
APL Apollantis Apollantis
ARA Aran Aran
ARB Arboria Arboria
ARS Apollonian Republic Apollonian Republic
ARY Aryasht Aryasht
ASH Ashinthael Ashinthael
AST Astaronia Astaronia
ATH Athlon Athlon
AUS Austbard Austbard
AVL Avalon Avalon
BAA Baatharz Baatharz
BAB Babkha Babkha
BAR Barrington Barrington
BAT Batavia Batavia
BEA Beaugium Beaugium
BEN Benevolent Benevolent
BLA Blackstone Blackstone
BLP Blepia Blepia
BLS Beaulosagñe Beaulosagñe
BOB Bobalania Bobalania
BOR Brettish Orient Brettish Orient
BOS Bosworth Bosworth
BRE Brettish Isles Brettish Isles
BRG Birgeshir Birgeshir
BRO Brogenia Brogenia
BUR Burkland Burkland
CAL Calbion Calbion
CAP Caputia Caputia
CHL Cheltia Cheltia
CHM Chambuur Chambuur
CNZ Castrum Nazarene Castrum Nazarene
COL Col Col
CON Constancia Constancia
COR Republic of Coria Republic of Coria
CRA Craitland Craitland
CRL Carlswald Carlswald
CTO Ctoria Ctoria
CYA Centralya Centralya
DAO Jingdao Jingdao
DES Senya Senya
DML Domolica Domolica
DOM Dominion Dominion
DRA Drakenland Drakenland
DRN Durntkinstan Durntkinstan
DRO West Ocia West Ocia
DSM Democratic Monovia Democratic Monovia
DUR Dura Dura
EAL Anterreich-Launderschnell Anterreich-Launderschnell
EES Eesha Eesha
EGN East Gerenia East Gerenia
EKL Eklesia Eklesia
ELW Elwynn Elwynn
EMP Imperial Empire Imperial Empire
ENA Enalia Enalia
ENG Engliriace Engliriace
ENT Enthdover Enthdover
ERA Eragia Eragia
ERG Ergonia Ergonia
ERU Eruditia Eruditia
EST Est-Lithiem Est-Lithiem
ETN Etourney Etourney
FHA Havnesgade-Amager Havnesgade-Amager
FKG Fort Kolgrad Fort Kolgrad
FKI Franklin Islands Franklin Islands

Code Nation
FLA Flatland Flatland
FLO Florian Republic Florian Republic
FLS Flandria Secunda Flandria Secunda
FRE Freedomia Freedomia
FRW Wayne Wayne
FRZ Frazenland Frazenland
GAI Gaia Gaia
GAS Gaston Gaston
GER Germania Germania
GOD Gong Gong
GRN Gerenia Gerenia
GSA Greater Sangun Greater Sangun
GSK Gerenian South Keltia Gerenian South Keltia
GTZ Gotzborg Gotzborg
GUA Amoria Amoria
GUK Greenuk Greenuk
HAI Haifa Haifa
HAM Hamland Hamland
HAT Hatay Hatay
HLZ Holzborg Holzborg
HMO Hammish Monovia Hammish Monovia
HND Hondon Hondon
HOL Holmes Holmes
HON Hoenn Hoenn
HOU Houland Houland
HPS Highpass Highpass
HRD Hurdania Hurdania
HUR Hurmu Hurmu
ICT Incontinentia Incontinentia
IIR Islamic Internet Republic Islamic Internet Republic
IKT Indokistan Indokistan
IMP Imperium Incognita Imperium Incognita
INT Interland Interland
IRI Iridia Iridia
IRS Shireroth Shireroth
IST Istvanistan Istvanistan
IVR Itavr Itavr
JEX Jexit Jexit
JMZ Jamzinia Jamzinia
JUC Juclandia Juclandia
KAI Kaikias-Overseas Kaikias-Overseas
KAL Kalgachia Kalgachia
KAM Kampong Kampong
KAR Karalakh Karalakh
KAS Kasterburg Kasterburg
KAT Kataria Kataria
KAV Kavalos Kavalos
KAZ Kazoku Kazoku
KFR Kefr Zeh Kefr Zeh
KNV New Victoria New Victoria
KOR Kingdom of Coria Kingdom of Coria
KOZ Kozuc Kozuc
KRK Kirkland Kirkland
KRL Cerulea Cerulea
KRS Krasnarus Krasnarus
KRW Kujirashi-Walstadt Kujirashi-Walstadt
KYR Kyrovistan Kyrovistan
LAM Lamantia Lamantia
LAN Landashir Landashir
LAU Laurant Laurant
LBP Los Bay Petros Los Bay Petros
LCH Leichenberg Leichenberg
LGA Liga Liga
LIC Licentia Licentia
LIG Lighthaven Lighthaven
LIV Livlandia Livlandia
LJO Jokerdom Jokerdom
LKV Lakkvia Lakkvia
LNG Llæng Llæng
LNV Leon and Venezia Leon and Venezia
LOL Lolland Lolland
LOS Lostisland Lostisland

Code Nation
LRK Lurk Lurk
LUC Lucerne Lucerne
LUS Lusa Lusa
LUT Luthoria Luthoria
LUV Lovely Lovely
MAN Mania Mania
MAR Maraguo Maraguo
MAT Matbaa Matbaa
MDG Mailong Mailong
MER Mercury Mercury
MEX Mexihco Mexihco
MFR Maritime Free Republic Maritime Free Republic
MHS Mahoz HaSephardim Mahoz HaSephardim
MIN Minarboria Minarboria
MLV Merenolitovina Merenolitovina
MNC Mancunia Mancunia
MND Mondero Mondero
MON Monovia Monovia
MOR Mornemici Mornemici
MRS Mar Sara Mar Sara
MSH Mishalan Mishalan
NAD North Antarctic Domain North Antarctic Domain
NAP North Antarctica North Antarctica
NAQ Nouveau Aquitaine Nouveau Aquitaine
NAT Natopia Natopia
NBL Northern Beneluccas Northern Beneluccas
NBR Britannia Britannia
NBR New Brittania New Brittania
NDL Nedland Nedland
NED Nederlands Nederlands
NEK Nova English Korea Nova English Korea
NEL Nelaga Nelaga
NEM New-Empire New-Empire
NEN Nova England Nova England
NES Nessus Nessus
NKC North Keltia North Keltia
NOH Nohavland Nohavland
NOL Nolland Nolland
NOR Nordic Union Nordic Union
NOR Normark Normark
NOV Novatainia Novatainia
NPT Neo Patrova Neo Patrova
NSV New South Vietnam New South Vietnam
NUM Númenor Númenor
NVD New Vaduz New Vaduz
NWL New Wales New Wales
NZB Nordzibola Nordzibola
OCF East Ocia East Ocia
OCI Ocia Ocia
OIL Old Oil Rig Old Oil Rig
ORO Orontea Orontea
OSC New Oscland New Oscland
OSC Oscland Oscland
PAL Palasia Palasia
PAS Passas Passas
PAT Patrova Patrova
PHM Høgmårk Høgmårk
PKW Kujirashi-Wahlstadt Kujirashi-Wahlstadt
PLA Plagaia Plagaia
PON Pontus Pontus
PRF Freeland Freeland
PRS Presburn Presburn
PSC Passio-Corum Passio-Corum
PUT Passasian Unincorporated Territory Passasian Unincorporated Territory
QQQ Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq
QYZ Qyzylqaystan Qyzylqaystan
RAN Ranentsi Ranentsi
REI Reindeer Herders Reindeer Herders
REL Relaram Relaram
REU Réunion Réunion
RIP Riponia Riponia
RIV Riverstone Riverstone
RKJ Kyō-Jima Kyō-Jima

Code Nation
RNN New Nsawam New Nsawam
RUR Raspur Raspur
RVW River Warriors River Warriors
SAN Sandus Sandus
SCH Schwanensee Schwanensee
SCO Scotannia Scotannia
SEG Ségon Ségon
SFR Safiria Safiria
SHV Sharovia Sharovia
SIR Sirocco Sirocco
SIX Six Islands Six Islands
SKR Skerry Isles Skerry Isles
SMV South Mehlville South Mehlville
SNG Sangun and Riskai Sangun and Riskai
SNL Sanilla Sanilla
SOH Strait of Haifa Strait of Haifa
SPR Saint Peters Republic Saint Peters Republic
SRB Srbozemlje Srbozemlje
SRI Sangun, Riskai and the Idunn Isles Sangun, Riskai and the Idunn Isles
SRJ Storej Storej
SRS Sarasovia Sarasovia
SSW Woodstania Woodstania
STA Stars Stars
STH Steeria and Highfield Steeria and Highfield
STM Steeria Steeria
STO Stormark Stormark
TAE Taesong Taesong
TAL Taeland Taeland
TEL Tellia Tellia
THA Thantias Thantias
TIA Tiana Tiana
TIE Tiěyá Tiěyá
TLN Talenore Talenore
TOK Toketi Toketi
TOK Tokidoki Tokidoki
TOR Torrington Islands Torrington Islands
TRI Trinovantium Trinovantium
TRS Treisenberg Treisenberg
TUA Tuatha Aontaithe Tuatha Aontaithe
TWD Walker Democracy Walker Democracy
TYR Tyrenia Tyrenia
UAN Uantir Uantir
UEM United Empire United Empire
UNI Universalis Universalis
VAL Valencia Valencia
VCC Cyberia Cyberia
VDV Vanderveer Vanderveer
VER Verac Verac
VIC Victoria Victoria
VLA Flanders Flanders
VOL Voltrue Voltrue
VTM Two Martyrs Two Martyrs
VYK Vyktory Vyktory
WAC Wachensburg Wachensburg
WAD Wadonstol Wadonstol
WEC Wechua Wechua
WSL Walstadt-Light Walstadt-Light
WST Greater Walstadt Greater Walstadt
WST Walstadt Walstadt
WYK Wyke Wyke
XHU Xhusor Xhusor
XHU Xhusovo Xhusovo
XNG Xang Muang Xang Muang
YAB Yabloko Yabloko
ZBT South Batavia South Batavia
ZEA Zealandia Zealandia
ZEB Zeeburg Zeeburg
ZEP Zephyr Zephyr
ZHO Zhongjing Zhongjing
ZIN Zindaria Zindaria
ZMR Zemlya Moroz Zemlya Moroz
ZND Zandarijn Zandarijn

Re-used codes

A small number of codes have been re-used by the FMF; typically by official successor teams with similar names to their predecessor team.

Code Originally issued to Re-issued to
NBR New Brittania New Brittania Britannia Britannia
NOR Normark Normark Nordic Union Nordic Union
OSC New Oscland New Oscland Oscland Oscland
TOK Tokidoki Tokidoki Toketi Toketi
WST Walstadt Walstadt Greater Walstadt Greater Walstadt
XHU Xhusor Xhusor Xhusovo Xhusovo

Conditional codes

These codes were issued to teams which were never full FMF members but which had conditional membership for a short period of time.

Code Conditional member nation
CIB Cibolan Confederation Cibolan Confederation
COS Coastalis Coastalis