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Lindstromism is the political ideology created by Gustav Lindstrom, a political refugee from Stormark who fled to Natopia in the 1480s. A pure lindstromist government consists of a benevolent, elected, dictator kept in check by a judge--who was appointed for life by the dictator--with the ability to execute the dictator on charges of tyranny. This form of Lindstromism was practiced in Natopia for only a few years.

Modern lindstromism involves merely removing the ruler from power, and a further check is usually in place. A high judge is given the power to remove the ruler from office, but the national legislature may vote to overturn this judicial decision. The Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation continues to use this form of government for traditional reasons. To this day, the Chancellor of Natopia retains the ability to make emergency decrees, an important feature of original lindstromism was the requirement for a fast-acting executive with legislative powers.

However, one can argue that the current government under the Caprine Code derives all authority from the Frenzy, making the Chancellor, Emperor, and Supreme Court all answerable to the representatives of the Natopian Nation. In effect, the current government of Natopia can still be classified as lindstromist if one considers the Imperial Government (the Chancellor, Emperor, Supreme Court) working in tandem as the dictator, and the Frenzy working as the judge with ultimate oversight.