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Liga de Hierro

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Liga de Hierro
Countries Los Liberados Los Liberados
Confederation AEFA
Founded 1670 AN
First season 1670
Number of teams 8
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to Amateur Football
International cup(s) Copa Apollonia
AEFA Champions' League
Current champions Atlético Nacional
Most championships Atlético Nacional (1)
1670 Liga de Hierro

The Liga de Hierro (Iron League) is the highest, and only professional, association Football competition in Los Liberados. A total of eight teams contest the title every season. The Liga de Hierro is sponsored by, and named after, the Iron Company.


The Liga de Hierro is contested every 6 AN years. The eight best football teams from Los Liberados play one matches against each other, the home and away teams are randomly assigned. Points are allocated according to FMF guidelines. The team with the most points is crowned champion, whereas the team with the least points plays a two-match play-off to avoid to the amateur division. Following the 1670 season, which was won by Atlético Nacional, Bátavos F.C. won its play-off games against Tigres F.C. from Corcovado.

Participating teams (1670)

Club Location
Atlético Nacional Puerto Arcadio
Bátavos F.C. Nuevo Batavia
Club del Sud San Jacobo II
Cristina Loros Cristina
Deportivo Marinero Augusto
Espada de San Pedro Corcovado
Patriotas Racám
Universitario F.C. Puerto Arcadio


Year Winners Runners-up Third Place
1670 Atlético Nacional Universitario F.C. Club del Sud