Liberation Party (Tellia)

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Liberation Party
Leader Vittorio Vllazërim Fabbri
Founded 2008
Headquarters Romero
Political ideology Tellian nationalism, populism
Political position Centre-right to right-wing
Colours Green
Parliamentary seats
172 / 500
For the party of the same name in Northern Tellia, see Liberation Party (Northern Tellia)

Liberazione (English: Liberation), commonly referred to as the Liberation Party, is a right-wing political party in Tellia. One of the oldest parties in the nation, founded in 2008 during the kingdom era by Christopher I, its influence has grown since the creation of the Tellian Confederation. Under V.V. Fabbri, the party has provided one of the two co-presidents during the transitional government period and established a coalition government with the Conservatives following the 2019 election.