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Liberadosan Banana Company

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Liberadosan Banana Company
Type Multinational Company
Industry Fruit (primarily)
Founded 1669
Headquarters Puerto Arcadio, Los Liberados
Products Tropical fruit
Employees of the LBC collecting a harvest

The Liberadosan Banana Company is the largest fruit company of Los Liberados, and holds an effective monopoly on the growth and trade of fruit in the country. It was founded in 1669 as a subsidiary of the Iron Company. The LBC is the largest single employer on Los Liberados, providing work for close to 150,000 people.

The Liberadosan Banana Company operates mainly in Los Liberados, but also has operations in the Florian Republic (Port Farrar) and on Alrodey, where it has several entrepots for trade purposes. 99% of the LBC's stocks are held by the Iron Company, and 1% is held by the Liberadosan government.

"A Banana makes happy", the LBC is known for its somewhat controversial advertising campaigns.