Leonora Noor Waffel-Paine

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Leonora Noor Waffel-Paine

Full Name: Leonora Noor Waffel-Paine of Drak
Alias Leonora


Physical Description

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Race: Flaventian
Hair Color and Style: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White

Biographical Information

Father: Nathan II
Mother: None
Date of Birth: 25 Blumuar 1671
Place of Birth: Anmutstadt, Natopia
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Residence(s): Drakorda
Nationality: Natopian
Allegiance(s): Natopia, Drak-Modan
Occupation: Just chillin'

Leonora Noor Waffel-Paine, is the daughter of Nathan II and is the favorite sister of John Hilding Waffel-Paine. Her older brother, Nathan III is the heir to the throne of Natopia. She was the third to be birthed from her artificial womb, technically making her the youngest of the quadruplets. Her older sister, Vadoma lives in Lindstrom City with Nathan III.

Early Life

Very soon after Leonora was born, the Kalirion Fracture erupted on the Benacian continent, which took the life of her step-father, Ayreon IV. Leonora's father, Nathan II quickly founded the kingdom of Drak-Modan to protect Natopian interests on Benacia. The Natopian emperor wanted the new Bovic kingdom to be closely, and permanently, aligned with Natopia but robust and distinct enough to flourish independently. Thus, the decision was made very early on to send Leonora's younger brother John to live in Drakorda. Soon after, Leonora moved to Drakorda full time. They both would grow up and become a naturalized Drak-Modani, which would help ease tensions between the ruling Natopian class and the native Modanese.

At the suggestion of her father, Leonora spends most of her time with John, touring Benacia, especially Elwynn and Shirekeep when its safe, and learning of her family's connection to the continent. She looks forward to spending time with Kaiseress Salome and looks up to her as a big sister figure. After the Bovinst Schism, she publicly attends Benacian Bovic Church services in Drakorda with her brother John, although it is unclear if she has officially converted.

She loves spending time with her father Nathan II, and he often tells her that she reminds him of her step-father, Ayreon IV. She gets very sad when Nathan II talks longingly about his late husband.

Full Titles

  • 1671-present Her Imperial Highness, Leonora Noor Waffel-Paine of Drak, Countess of Eucal, Viscountess Frieden, Scion of the Three Peoples, Vessel of Dual Natures, Progeny of the Once-Living God, Transcendence of the Dhury, Heir to the Line of Drak