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Leichtathletik stadion.png
Location Lonenberg
Opened TBC
Owner Royal Football Association
Operator Royal Football Association
Surface Grass
Architect TBC
Capacity 51,000
Executive suites TBC
Field dimensions 105 × 68 metres

Leichtathletik-Stadion (usually just known as Leichtathletik) is a a multi-purpose stadium and can accomodate all sports with exception of cricket and baseball, located in the south of Lonenberg, the capital of Gotzborg. Its all-seater capacity is currently 51,000 and is one of the largest in Gotzborg.

The stadium is the home of the Royal Football Association (RFA), and is primarily used as a venue for association football and hosts most of Gotzborg's home test matches, as well as the Triple Crown, Aquila, AEFA sanctioned matches and qualifiers along with FMF World Cup qualification matches.