LandFara Þorn

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LandFara Þorn

Type: Armored Scout Car
Place of origin: Nova England

In service: 2017 - present (Prev. 1961-1984)
Used by:
Nova england flag.png
Nova England

Designed: 1961
Manufacturer: LandFara Vehicles Ltd

Crew: 2 (Commander & driver)
Armour: 16mm Steel Plate
Speed: 93kpm (58mph)
Operational range: 310 km
Main armament: 1 No. 7.62mm and four anti-tank missiles mounted in boxes, two on each side of turret.
Secondary armament: None.


The þorn (Thorn) Scout Car is a Nova English armoured fighting vehicle designed and built for reconnaissance purposes. The vehicle was originally produced for the Nova English Armed Forces between 1961 and 1984. However production recommenced at LandFara’s Newcastle-Upon-Eastmoor factory following the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Nova England in 2017.