Lake Morovia Blockade Fund

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Logo of the Lake Morovia Blockade Fund.

Established in response to the Hammish Civil War, the Lake Morovia Blockade Fund - the third of the major pirate organizations operating in the Strait of Haifa - serves to limit the flow of foreign goods, currency, and services into Lake Morovia, in central Keltia.

Recent Production Reports

35.25 PSSC: Prices are High

-Lievs: 1.12 Lievs / Share

-Plunder: 1.28 Tons / Share

35.25 Employment Report

-Number of People Employed (% of all Employed): 479 (6.49%)

-Total Paid in Wages (% of all Wages): 30 Lievs (%)

-Average Wages / Employee: .06 Lievs

-Value of Company (% of GDP): 3,087 Lievs (6.85%)

Company is Underfunded.