Lake Morovia

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A vast swampland situated on the intersection of the Haifan rift valley with the Vine of Keltia, the the narrow, elongated, shallow sea - itself the product of a continental rift - which separates central and eastern Keltia.

Amongst the endemic flora and fauna of the brackish region are the poisonous Noctic-Rabrev bushes and the as of yet uncategorised species of vampiric creatures known as the Alfen (Alpen). The woodlands stretching from the northern shores Lake Monovia towards the arctic wastes fringing the Gulf of Jangsong are home to the Chamois, a hardy species of goat.

Lake Morovia is home to the Caputian state of Haifa, and to the Bassarid city of Vaeringheim. The northern shore of the lake is host to nomadic bands of practitioners of the Alpazkigz Religion, as well as Caputian settlers relocated from overseas territories and Melusinian missionaries attempting to discourage the inhabitants of the wetlands from worshipping vampires and harpies.