Lake Glacei

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Lake Glacei is a lake in eastern Apollonia.

Origins and Etymology

When the rebel Jacobus claimed to be Emperor of Cyberia, one of his opponents dubbed him "Emperor of Ice Cream". Jacobus translated it into Latin and took the title "Emperor of Lac Glacei", and when it came time to include Lac Glacei on the MCS Map (during the Series Three expansion into the Eastern Hemisphere), the cartographers made a translation error and assumed it meant "frozen lake". Therefore, Jacobus received lands centered around a large, northerly lake, which became known as Lake Glacei.


Lake Glacei is, along with Lake Christoph, the biggest lake on Micras. It is surrounded by mountains on two sides.


Lake Glacei was long part of the Jacobite Empire of Cognito and Lac Glacei, which was later annexed by Shireroth. It was one of several areas with links to ex-cartographer Augustin Dei Barbone, and therefore was commonly fought over by Treesia and Shireroth. The various conflicts were resolved by a series of four increasingly complicated treaties (Treaty of Eastflying, Westwalking, Northfloating, and Southsailing, or somesuch like that) which specified "condominium" agreements. In the end, these became moot: Treesia left for Giess, and Shireroth gave up Lac Glacei as part of its de-expansion program. The lake was later occupied by Gralus.