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Lagerhuis elections, 1668

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Lagerhuis election, 1668
1665 ←
→ 1672

All 150 seats to the Lagerhuis
76 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  Arkadius as PM.png Joseph Bartholomeus Windsor.png
Leader Arkadius des Vinandy Joseph des Vinandy-Windsor
Party Conservative Monarchist Party Ultraroyalisten
Seats won 80 70
Seat change 80 24
Percentage 53,34% 46,47%

Lagerhuis seats 1669.png

Turnout: 278,842 voters

Prime Minister before election

August Baerdemans

Subsequent Prime Minister

Arkadius des Vinandy

The Lagerhuis elections of 1668 AN were important elections as they dictated the course of Batavia and its transformation from the United Batavian States into the Sixth Kingdom of Batavia. A boycott (and even active suppression) of leftist parties, corruption and a disinterest among large parts of the voting franchise led to the lowest turnout since 1523 AN. Only conservative parties participated and were elected, while the government party was defeated by the conservative opposition. Its composition resembles the second legislature of the Lagerhuis (1526 - 1527 AN), which was also solely occupied with conservative and reactionary political parties.

Following the elections, Arkadius des Vinandy served as Prime Minister until his coronation as King of Batavia. He was succeeded by Joachim Mackay.