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Lagerhuis election, 1672

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Lagerhuis election, 1672
1668 ←
→ 1676

All 150 seats to the Lagerhuis
76 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  George Woudenberg.jpg Benjamincambernon.jpg Joseph Bartholomeus Windsor.png
Leader George Woudenberg Benjamin Cambernon Joseph des Vinandy-Windsor
Party Voorwaarts Batavië! Conservative Monarchist Party Ultraroyalisten
Seats won 74 72 2
Seat change 74 8 68
Percentage 49% 48% 1,33%

Fourth party
  Jaak Montrarde.png
Leader Jacques Montrarde
Party Radicalen

Seats won 0
Percentage 0,00%

Lagerhuis seats 1672.png

Turnout: 302,650 voters

Prime Minister before election

Joachim Mackay

Subsequent Prime Minister

Joachim Mackay

The Lagerhuis elections of 1672 AN were elections in the Kingdom of Batavia, which saw a dramatic shift in seats and the decimation of the Ultraroyalisten.

Incumbent Prime minister Joachim Mackay was re-elected with a 100% of the electoral vote.