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Kujirashi-Walstadt national football team

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Not to be confused with the Kujirashi-Wahlstadt national football team.

Kujirashi-Walstadt Kujirashi-Walstadt
FMF member 2014–15
Confederation CTFA
FMF code KRW
First FMF intermicronational
River Warriors River Warriors 1–1 Walstadt Walstadt
Biggest win
Kujirashi-Walstadt Kujirashi-Walstadt 2–0 Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq QQQ
Biggest defeat
Alexandria Alexandria 8–0 Walstadt Walstadt

The Kujirashi-Walstadt national football team was the football team represented the Natopian autonomous territory of Kujirashi-Walstadt. It was a member of the CTFA. The team was the official successor of Kujirashi-Wahlstadt and Walstadt, and is the official predecessor of Walstadt-Light.


The team was founded in 2014 after Kujirashi-Walstadt was founded as the successor state to the Haifan autonomous territory of Walstadt, itself the successor of Kujirashi-Wahlstadt, after being annexed by Natopia. Under the name of Walstadt, the team competed in the 2014 qualifiers but lost all of their matches and finished bottom of their group.

In their first qualifiers as Kujirashi-Walstadt, the team finished fourth in their five-team group with four points. Later in the year, Kujirashi-Walstadt left Micras after being succeeded by Walstadt-Light.

Chronological competitive participation



Kujirashi-Walstadt used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: