Krasnocorian mafia

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Krasnocorian mafia
Vukota Terzic.jpg
Vukota Terzić, Krasnocorian mafia boss
Territory Antakia, Drak-Modan, Florian Republic, Phinbella, Sanpantul, Shireroth, Sovereign Confederation, Unified Governorates, Thracistan
Ethnicity Corians, Šlovedks, Anticans, Serbs, Slavonjans, Ocians, Coriaks, Hasanis
Criminal activities Assassination, Assault, Auto theft, Bank robbery, Blackmailing, Bribery, Burglary, Car bombing, Contract killing, Extortion, Fraud, Illegal gambling, Kidnapping, Money laundering, Murder, Smuggling, Theft, Witness tampering
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The Krasnocorian mafia is a group of various criminal organizations based in Krasnocoria, composed of the major ethnicities inhabiting the country. Even though almost all of the organizations' members live in Krasnocoria, not a single crime was reported in which the perpetuators were the members of the mafia. This is due to the so-called "Patriotic theft", allegedly an agreement between the mafia and the Krasnocorian intelligence agency, ONO, which allowed mafia members to freely live in Krasnocoria if they don't commit crimes within the country and invest 20% of their "gain" abroad into the Krasnocorian economy, in various ways.