Krasnocorian MTO membership referendum, 2018

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Krasnocorian MTO membership referendum
11th November 2018
Should Kingdom of Krasnocoria apply for the membership of Micras Treaty Organisation?
Votes %
Yes 23,048,962 74.87%
No 7,736,346 25.13%
Valid votes 30,785,308 99.93%
Invalid votes 21,564 0.07%
Total votes 30,806,872 100.00%

The Krasnocorian MTO membership referendum took place on 11th November 2018 in Krasnocoria to gauge support for the country either applying for the membership of MTO or not. The referendum resulted in 74.87% of voters giving support to the membership application.



The campaign started on 21 October 2018 and ended on 9 November 2018, lasting 20 days. Krasnocorian law is guaranteeing equal time of promoting both referendum options. The law was respected in nation-wide reputation media, and was strictly controlled by Regulatory Body for Media in Krasnocoria. However, several local medias in Krasnarus and Port Ulje have broke the law, favouring one option completely or partially. Responsible directors and redactors were arrested and prosecuted. Campaigns in support of membership application were based on benefitions that MTO carry and existing economic cooperation with Caputia, while the campaigns against were based on the fact that Krasnocorian enemies in the War of Lost Brothers are members, such as Florian Republic and Shireroth.

Party affiliations

Most of the major political parties were taking their sides in the referendum campaign.

Position Political parties
Yes Krasnocorian Alliance
Conservative Party
Antican Party
People's Party
No Socialist Bloc
Hasani National Council
Liberal Party
Neutral Serbian Unity
Democratic Party
Green Party


The final result was published at midnight of 12th November 2018, with results being the following:

Krasnocorian MTO membership referendum, 2018
Final result
Choice Votes %
Yes 23,048,962 74.87%
No 7,736,346 25.13%
Valid votes 30,785,308 99.93%
Invalid or blank votes 21,564 0.07%
Total votes 30,806,872 100.00%


International reaction

Caputia Caputia

  • The Caputian Foreign Ministry issued a brief statement congratulating the people of Krasnocoria, praising the referendum results, and announcing their support for Krasnocoria's accession to the Micras Treaty Organization.

Çeridgul Çeridgul

  • The Household of the Great Speaker, having been questioned by a passing reporter, congratulated the Krasnocorian people for committing to the rudiments of the Çer ideals of popular sovereignty, and described the result as a positive consequence of Çeridgul's own membership in the MTO. "Now that we are members," Speaker Akred proclaimed, "all wish to be members!"

Florian Republic Florian Republic

  • Interim President Morgan Sharp congratulated Krasnocoria on the outcome of the referendum and hopes that the tense relations between the two nations calm down. However Sharp has not promised that the Florian Republic will vote for their accession to the organization.

Ralgon Holy Ralgon Empire

  • The King of the Ralgons, Nobunag'an IV, issued no official statement outside of stating that Krasnocorian internal democratic affairs held very little official interest for the Crown. However, Imperial Prince Drag'ar issued the following statement: "I am pleased to see the people of this fine country move as one towards a more positive direction for themselves. Despite this organization harboring their bitterest enemies, they still have the strength of will to carry forth to join this organization to advance the greater good. The gods must surely be pleased with them, and I wish their people divine protection as they move forward to enact the results of this referendum."

Kalgachia Kalgachia

  • Although no official comment was forthcoming from the Kalgachi government, brokers acting on behalf of the OIEC commenced a rapid unwinding of the Corporation's positions in Eastern Micran arms markets, anticipating their depression by a flood of cheap weaponry as Krasnocoria's MTO membership integrated it more closely into the global economy.

Raspur Raspur

  • After congratulating Krasnocoria on the outcome of the 1666 MTO referendum results, the Khan of Raspur promised that his government's present policy towards Port Ulje in southern Eura would be reviewed in a more positive light.