Krasnocorian Kosmos Agency

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Krasnocorian Kosmos Agency
Космос Агенција Краснокорије
Abbreviation KKA
Formation 24 June 2018
2017 (historically)
Headquarters Slavograd, Krasnocoria
Primary spaceport Slavograd Cosmodrome
Budget classified
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The Krasnocorian Kosmos Agency (Krasnocorian Cyrillic: Космос Агенција Краснокорије, Krasnocorian Latin: Kosmos Agencija Krasnokorije), abbreviated KKA or КАК in Krasnocorian is state corporation responsible for space affairs on behalf of Krasnocoria. The agency is the member of Common Cosmos Colonization Coalition.


Corian Space Agency


List of missions

Mission Type Start date End date Status Notes
Spektar-1 unmanned
4 September 2017 Active First mission, launched as Corian Space Agency
Spektar-2 unmanned
11 September 2017 Active Launched as Corian Space Agency
Spektar-3 unmanned
10 October 2017 Active Launched as Corian Space Agency in cooperation with Kraskosmos
Spektar-4 unmanned
13 August 2018 Active First mission as Krasnocorian Kosmos Agency
Spektar-5 unmanned
20 August 2018 Active
Spektar-6 unmanned
27 August 2018 Active
Orbital Command manned
(space station)
19 August 2019 Active The first space station launched by 4C, in cooperation with all member agencies.

Launch control

The agency operates with one cosmodrome in Slavograd, the Slavograd Cosmodrome. It was used for launching all current space missions.