Krasnarusyn Super Liga

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Krasnarusyn Super Liga
Countries Nedland Krasnarus
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2017
First season 2017–18
Number of teams 7
Relegation to Krasnarusyn Second League
2017–18 season

The Krasnarusyn Super Liga, commonly known as simply the Kasofol, is the top-tier of football within Krasnarus. The Kasofol is a administrated by the Krasnarusyn Football Association and is contested by seven clubs. During the league's first season, it was the only tier of football in Krasnarus until the formation of the Krasnarusyn Second League on 21 October 2018.



Year Winners Runners-up Third Place
2017–18 Merku Kuregred Lezije FK 04 Nuví Pelezu FK
2019 Merku Kuregred KFK Dijaspora Nuví Pelezu FK


Current teams

Former teams