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[[Image:|125px|Flag of Koningsrots|frameless]]
[[Image:|80px|Coat of Arms of Koningsrots|frameless]]
Coat of Arms
Motto: '
Location of Koningsrots
Administrative Division
Founded 1663 AN
Transport hubs Koningsrots International Airport
Major roads
Rail connections
Population 3,130,841
Castellum Avalon

Koningsrots (Common Tongue: King's Rock) is the capital and largest city of Arcadia. The city lies on the island of Bella Insula on the Mare Internum (internal sea).

The agglomeration of Koningsrots has 3,130,841 inhabitants and is divided into seven urban districts.

Places of interest

Some attractions in the city are:


Public transport

Koningsrots is provided by a variety of public transport.

Bus transport

Several urban and regional bus companies provide bus transport in and around the city. The use of diesel buses in the center is forbidden, so that in the center mainly buses run on natural-gas. In the Parckwijck district, there are also trolley buses around.

Koningsrots Metro

The Koningsrots Metro is mainly known as the underground (Dutch: ondergrondse) and provides connections to all city districts and transferia (main stations, bus terminals, ferries and the airport).


Before the arrival of the Koningsrots Metro, the Stadbanen (city railways) were the rail connections in the city. Some of the original Stadbanen have disappeared, replaced by the metro. But still there are several districs that connected. These Stadbanen and the Koningsrots Metro are shown on one map, despite the fact that different companies operate the Stadbanen and Koningsrots Metro.


The tram network mainly supplies the city center and the immediately adjacent districts. Previously there were tram lines in the city district Parckwijck, but that has been replaced by trolley buses.


In various places there are ferry ports where ferries to the other side of the Mare Internum provide connections.


A network of railways connects the entire island of Bella Insula with the city. The railways connect to the Stadbanen, Metro and tram at three main stations.


The main airport of Koningsrots is Koningsrots International Airport, northeast of the city. The airport has a railway and metro connection with the city.

The second airport of Koningsrots is Bella Field Airport, southeast of the city. This airport has railway connection on the line Hoofdstation Koningsrots - Noviomagus. Mainly regional scheduled flights and holiday destinations can be found at this airport.


The city is provided with a highway from the southwest to the airport in the northeast, the A1. On this A1 the A3 connects which connects with Insula Magna by the Ponte Margarita (pearl bridge).