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Gröpa Komovoren bɏer Sanya Suportenen Fötbal
Abbreviation Komovoren
Founded 2012
Type Supporters' group
Team Senya national football team
Headquarters Svorgas, Senya
Colors Green and White

Gröpa Komovoren bɏer Sanya Suportenen Fötbal (English: Disabled Group of Komovoren Football Supporters, often abbreviated to Komovoren) are a group of organized supporters of the Senya national football team. They are often over-shadowed by the Naldas, but have around 10,000 members.


Komovoren, despite their reputation, are very vocal fans, although they are less likely to jump and down during games, don't let off flares and are considered a more family-friendly group than the Naldas (although by foreign standards are still extreme). Komovoren also are more likely to wear casual clothing, as opposed to the Naldas, some of whom wear morphsuits.