Koldagas Cup

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Koldagas Cup
Founded 2017
Number of teams 16
Current champions Florian Republic RB Dragonmoor
Most titles Florian Republic RB Dragonmoor (1 title)

The Koldagas Cup is an annual pre-season football competition. It features clubs from the Florian Republic and Coria, the two countries which are served by the oil and gas company, Koldagas. Teams from all levels in the Florian and Corian football leagues compete in the competition and entry is by invitation.


The 16 teams are split four groups of four teams. Teams only play against once and the winner and runners-up in each group qualify for the knockout stages. They will also be a bonus point system in use. The traditional point system of awarding 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw will be used, however, for each group stage match that finishes in a draw in a regular time, a penalty shoot-out takes place, with the winner being awarded a bonus point. This is to provide greater excitement and increase the number of meaningful games at this stage.


The competition was created so that teams from all levels of Corian and Florian Football could play matches in pre-season and be still competitive throughout this period. It was then announced that the number of teams would be 16 teams.

Media Coverage

Country TV Broadcasters Radio Broadcasters
Florian Republic Florian Republic StadioSport StadioSport Radio
Kingdom of Coria Kingdom of Coria
Commonwealth of Vyktory Vyktory
VBC Sports