Kizzy Drakland

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Kizzy Drakland

Full Name: Kizzy Drakland
Alias Miss Kizzy


Physical Description

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Race: Draconian
Hair Color and Style: Black hair
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: Olive

Biographical Information

Father: Drakland
Mother: Heidi Dracosson
Date of Birth: 1597
Place of Birth: Dracoheim, Natopia
Date of Death: 1675
Place of Death: north of Airle, Ransenar
Residence(s): Gathering Place
Nationality: Natopian
Allegiance(s): Shireroth, Goetia
Occupation: Demon-Queen of Goetia

Kizzy Drakland (b. 1597, d. 1638; returned 1650, truly dead 1675) was a resident of Goldshire, played by Nathan. She was the Kaiseress of Shireroth, having been named successor to Daniel III. She entered Shireroth during the reign of Kaiser Sehml where she settled in Demonsfall. She has a colorful past and is not ashamed to use her former job skills to get what she wants from powerful men in elite society. She worked under Duke Ryker to bring a semblance of civil government to Demonsfall and was made Queen of that city as thanks. As Queen of Demonsfall she embarked on a quest to obtain powers to help better control the city she was entrusted with. Her adventures resulted in her coming into the possession of the Emberbark, a piece of bark from Raynor's Tree in the Grove of Lovers in Mesior imbued with the demonic power of the Sword of Fire.

She has been accused of abusing her power in Demonsfall and conspiracy theorists attribute the destruction of Sintan to her actions.

After reconnecting with her son, Kyle Kilynn, she attempted to murder him in his sleep but in self-defense Kyle killed her instead. Her body was not recovered and intelligence reports from Sansabury indicate she had been reanimated and was in the process of acquiring Minarborian citizenship but never quite made the cut. She was possessed by a demon's soul that inhabited her Emberbark, Yral'tesh.

She has since returned to Shireroth following the collapse of Minarboria and her current whereabouts unknown. She went on an adventure and returned the Sword of Fire and refounded Lichbrook and is now converting Lichbrook into Malarboria.

Legally she remains dead and has little to no claim to any of Kyle Kilynn's titles, nor those of her grandson Nathan II.

Although a revenant, she bore a daughter in 1655 whose father was the dæmon Andras). Daemons, intruders onto the mortal plane from a parallel hell-dimension, are excluded from the schedule of tolerated sentient species and their selective use in the governance of Malarboria was scarcely tolerated by an overstretched Imperial Government. The public revelation of the existence of a daemon-human hybrid breeding programme, with the intention of creating a new master-race on the Benacian continent, has been perceived as violating the pragmatic tolerance afforded by Shirekeep to the fledgling state and its ruler. Kizzy and her child are now being pursued by a mercenary death-squad specifically recruited by the Steward whilst simultaneously heavily armed government agents have deployed into Highpass to investigate the extent to which the county and the wider Imperial State has fallen into daemonic corruption. The Kaiser, oblivious to his government's perceived threat of the offspring's vivacity, was quick to send a letter of congratulations to Kizzy on the occasion of the birth of her daughter, saying he looked forward to meeting them both soon. Two months later, the abomination, presented to the people of Highpass as Andrea, had grown to resemble a four-year old child and was expected to achieve full maturity by the end of the year.

The Convention of Drakorda allows Kizzy, Andrea, and their demonic cadre to safely escape Malarboria (now Modan) in exchange for surrendering the Sword of Fire and all claims to rulership in those lands. She relocated to Goëtia where she is worshiped as demon-goddess once more.

She was killed in 1675 somewhere north of Airle, Ransenar, while on the run from the Gorillas NF who declared her a heretic for espousing the Old Ways of demon worship.

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