Kingsland (Passas)

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According to the oldest surviving written record about Passasian history, Kingsland is the oldest of the nation’s cities. The document, which has been titled “The Republic” by modern scholars, describes how the original Loveliean settlers, upon reaching the edge of the swamps of Southern Pallisica, celebrated with the natives of the region, “in honor of the new town of Kingsland.” The text, which is believed to originate around 3003 ASC, does not describe Kingsland’s role in the First Republic, though evidence from a recent archaeological dig indicates that the city served as the nation’s spiritual center. Though “The Republic” does not describe Kingsland’s role in the First Republic, it does state that during the Passasian Civil War, the city allied with the cities of Newvillage and South City to become the administrative center of the Kingsland Empire, which was quickly defeated by Pallisica. In the years following the war the city was largely abandoned as residents immigrated westward, into Gralun controlled Pallisica, or Westward, to the fledgling nation of Nietza. Following the citiy’s collapse in the years after 3000 ASC, the city would not be reestablished until 4146 ASC.

Today, Kingsland lives in the shadow of its neighbors. In contrast to Northman, which was the capital of the First Republic, Kingsland’s long and important history as the nation’s oldest city is often overlooked. Likewise, in contrast to Zimia, Kingsland hasn’t a history of proud military traditions, nor of religious uprisings. That said, the people here are a very industrious and rugged folk, who are proud of their heritage and legacy. The majority of people here are employed by Haps Gasoline and Passian Wells, who drill and refine oil in the regionally famous Passasian Oil Fields. The largest oil refinery in Hamland is located here.

Like the other cities of Passas’ Pines region, Kingsland is a sleepy place, deeply rooted in its heritage. Visitors to the city are very uncommon, though current trends indicate that this will become less and less true as additional roads are built through the province. Few nymphs live here. Those that do primarily reside in the Passasian National Forest, to the East of the city. There have been efforts to have the forest recognized as a society, though such efforts have been met with heavy resistance. Past efforts have also attempted to downgrade Kingsland’s status to that of a town. Such efforts have also been met with very heavy resistance. Population (760 WG): 418,937