Kingdom of Uantir

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The Kingdom of Uantir
[Flag of Uantir]
Motto: The Lion Protects
Demonym Uantirian
Government Absolute Monarchy
Location Kansas, USA
Population 31
Active 6
Monarchs King Ari & Queen Rachel Ailin
Language English
Foundation 25 October, 2007

The Kingdom of Uantir is an absolute monarchy located in Leavenworth Kansas.


The Kingdom of Uantir was the brain child of His Majesty King Ari Ryan Ailin for a considerable time before it was founded. It was his wife, Her Majesty Queen Rachel Ailin that inspired him to make Uantir a reality. The country's name is in honor of Her Majesty.


Uantir began before October 25th, 2007 in the mind of His Majesty King Ari Ryan Ailin after having read about micronations online. When he first started thinking about it there was little interest from anyone. Nearly a year later Her Majesty the Queen Rachel Ailin brought up micronations after hearing about her friend, Colum McKenna, starting one. Vexed at being before his time, but definitely excited that his friends had finally caught up to him, King Ari brought up the nation that had been brewing in his head for that year. Once Rachel was onboard it became a game of friendly rivalry between the Ailins and McKenna. There wasn't much to invent or decide since King Ari had been working on it in his own musings for so long. It only took a few days to get the nation online, beating Colum to an operational forum by two days.

The first generation of citizens were, as most nations are, friends and family. Torsoboymansir and Frosty were some of the nation's first avid posters. At this time the Kingdom of Licentia was active and Uantir's closest ally. Unfortunately a great civil war erupted in Licentia causing Licentia to fall, despite Uantir's greatest effort on their part. The war was brutal and the newly formed Veritalia didn't last long either. In the end Deanna Williams, Colum's girlfriend, started her own nation which Colum helped out with and P. J. Gaffney, who began the revolution, left micronationalism.

As the novelty faded, so did the activity. One of the only first generation citizens to remain is Gelare, the Dean of the Royal Academy of Uantir. Undaunted, The Monarchy set about to find more activity. Posting advertisements in Craig's List, on DeviantART and anywhere else they could think of. It managed to draw in some prospects. Though the numbers never increased significantly, these efforts were considered successful beyond the Crown's expectations. Their two most dedicated citizens, Mira O'Halloran and Nesslandria Haneh, joined at this time.

As time went on Uantir fell into a comfortable rhythm, weathering numerous challenges through the dedication of its subjects. The artistry of Rachel Calkins brought Uantir into a much more cosmetic light. For his birthday 2009 King Ari's friends made him an Uantirian flag which now holds its place as the only micronational flag that has been flown from a ship under sail. The forums have gone through a number of restructurings through the years. Currently they are transferring much of the informational threads that clutter the forums to an online resource, a website and Wiki.

September 2009 begun plans to re-district the provincial borders. The map was not expanded, but its county lines restructured. Auldarant's borders were tailored to the Winged Lion mountain range on which its capitol sits and Wolfshire county remains on the east side of the Winged Lion Mountains. The Barony of Nerianti has ascended to County status with the ascension of Countess Mira O'Halloran and now occupies the territory to the west of the mountains to the river.

The population of Uantir took a significant reduction after the grand census of 2010. His Majesty King Ari, frustrated with inactivity on the forums, called for all those who had not posted for half a year to have their account removed. He gave everyone time to put in a word for themselves and then went about removing those inactive members. The registered users went from 55 to 30 after the culling.

March 1st, 2010, His Majesty King Ari shipped out for basic training in the United States Army. This brought on the deepest lull in activity in Uantir's history. In His Majesty's absence forum activity disappeared, discussions ceased and the nation's international voice was silent. Activity dwindled so drastically for such a prolonged time that Uantir's claim on Micras was reduced. All territory from the river to the Winged Lion mountains was abandoned. The least active Count and county, Auldarant, was dissolved and the Winged Lion mountain range delegated Nerianti territory.

In October 2010 His Majesty published an essay addressing his opinion of the nature of citizenship in the micronational community. This essay redefined his stance on how citizenship and nobility should be handled in the nation. As such, the following month, Uantir's system of nobility and citizenship changed drastically. No longer were participating members 'citizens.' They were re-classed as Aristocrats, to better symbolize the significance of active Uantirians. Among many other benefits being an Aristocrat means that the Uantirian represents a number of simulated people that they control, the number of people dependant on activity. This gives each Uantirian Aristocrat more autonomy in the administration of their area of culture. The word citizen, in Uantir, now refers to the population in a simulated society, thus firmly entrenching The Kingdom of Uantir as a simulationist nation.


The Kingdom of Uantir is an Absolute Monarchy headed by His and Her Majesties King Ari Ailin and his wife Queen Rachel Ailin. The crown maintains full and complete control over the country, but the Aristocrats maintain autonomy over their lands in all aspects that do not come in direct conflict with core Uantirian principles. That core is maintained by the Monarchy.

An easy comparison uses the American Government as an example: the Federal vs. State governments. The Federal government pertains itself with country wide affairs and interfaces with state government to achieve those ends. The State government pertains itself with its population's affairs and interfaces with the Federal government to achieve those ends. Thus the Crown is the equivalent of the Federal Government while the Aristocrats are the equivalent of State government.

All positions are appointed. Popularity contests for government officials are considered contrary to the public's best interest, though any Aristocrat can be removed by process. When an aristocrat begins they can choose from a number of titles, these define what their lands are referred to as and how they are addressed. The titles are arranged in paths as they increase in importance, but none of these routes are required and the title is not static, the Aristocrat can change their title at any time as long as it remians within their tier. There are multiple tiers of nobility, each one representing an increase in the Aristocrat's influence and a direct reflection of their dedication and participation. Though no tier of Aristocrats are technically in charge of another or hold any authority over another, the tiered titles stand as social symbols and are immediate indicators of that individual's influence with and admiration from the Crown.


These are the influential Uantirians who have been granted title and land for their commitment to the Crown and the Country.

Tier One Aristocrates - If their title is unknown, it is appropriate to refer to them as Sir or Ma'am
Thane / Thaness
Land: Town
Knight / Dame
Land: Keep
Lord / Lady
Land: Manor
Chieftan / Chieftaness
Land: Tribe
Tier Two Aristocrates - If their title is unknown, it is appropriate to refer to them as 'Your Excellency'
Baron / Baroness
Land: Barony
Regent / Regentess
Land: Canton
Conn / Coness
Land: Stretch
Tier Three Aristocrates - If their title is unknown, it is appropriate to refer to them as 'Your Grace'
Count / Countess
Land: County
Tiarna / Bantiarna
Land: Territory
Royal Aristocrats - Referred to as 'Your Highness'
Prince / Princess
Land: Principality
Ri / Rigan
Land: Expanse

The Ministry

The Ministry is the administrative body that handles Foreign and Domestic affairs, primarily emigration, immigration, trade and records. These positions are appointed and can be held by any Aristocrat.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Minister of Foreign Affairs handles all diplomatic relations outside the nation. Responsible for, but not limited to, foreign trade, treaty, emigration, travel relation, alliance and aggression.
No acting Minister, the office is run by His Majesty
The Minister of Domestic Affairs
The Minister of Domestic Affairs Handles internal bureaucratic issues. Responsible for, but not limited to, keeping public record, issuing paperwork such as passports and citizenship papers, and immigration.
No acting Minister, the office is run by His Majesty