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King among the Lakes

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King among the Lakes (for men; Konung aa meðal sjooa; KamS) or Queen among the Lakes (for women; Drottning aa meðal sjooa; DamS) is a title associated with the Order of the Holy Lakes. It is automatically bestowed upon those who have been or are the most senior legitimate heir of a King or Queen reigning over Hurmu. Currently, there is only one king among the lakes, Craitman VII. Until her death in 1686, Aoife the Celt was Queen among the Lakes since her reign as Queen of Hurmu (1524–1550).


Current Princes and Princesses among the Lakes are highlighted in green.

Portrait Who Tenure Succession from Birth Death Comment
Craitman VII.jpg Craitman VII 1689– Craitman, 0 (himself) 1634 King of Craitland, thus king over Lakkvia (c. 1681–1689)
Hurmu coat of arms.png Aoife the Celt 1550–1685 Aoife, 0 ? 1685 Queen of Hurmu (1524–1550)

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