King Matthew The First

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King Matthew The First

King of Barnum

Biographical Information

Born: September 1220, AN
Place of Birth: Barnum City
Political affiliation:
Nationality: Barnumian
Allegiance: Kingdom of Barnum
Rank: His Majesty The King


King Matthew The First is the leader and sovereign of the Kingdom of Barnum. Together with his Royal Court, he makes laws and issues decrees for the Kingdom.

The King stands about six feet tall, and is of average size. When not considering domestic matters, he enjoys watching various sporting events, as well as historical documentary films. His Majesty has also been known to entertain select citizens in his Royal Lounge.

The King's full title is "His Majesty King Matthew The First, Sovereign of Barnum, Duke of Oakdale, Count of Cresthaven, Baron of Freeport, Defender of the Kingdom, Commander of the Armed Forces".