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King's Bay

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Map of King's Bay

The King's Bay (Batavian: Koningenbaai) is a border sea of the Great Western Sea, between the Ingelheim hills and the Diets peninsula. Oerdiep and Sluyswater also belong to King's Bay in a broad sense.

The most important rivers that drain into King's Bay are the Linge, Meuze and Oer.

The bay is regarded by Batavia as territorial waters.

Pillars of Flavius

When the Batavian Countries were conquered by General Antonius Flavius, he was convinced that Kings Bay was the gateway to the end of the world. He therefore set up two pillars on either side of the mouth of the bay, with the text: 'Non Plus Ultra' (far and no further).

This statement is the cause of the Batavian Trading Company motto, which reads "Plus Ultra" (Always further). In front of the headquarters of the company is a monument of the two pillars, which are pushed down to endorse this motto.

The pillars are used in the coat of arms of Queen Fränzi-Ferdinanda des Vinandy-Windsor.

Monument "Plus Ultra"
Coat of arms of Franzi-Ferdinanda