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Talaith Kilkelly
Kilkelly flag.png
Kilkelly arms.png
Coat of Arms
Capital Kilkelly
Largest cities Llewin
Anthem Kilkelly Song
Demonym Kilkellian
 - Adjective Kilkellian
Area N/A
 - Ranked 2nd
Population 630,000
 - Ranked 2nd
Governor Lord Patrick Lewis
Abbreviation KIL

Kilkelly is a province of Calbion located on the eastern part of the island of Nelaga. It is the second largest, and second most populous province of the nation, following Calbion Isle.


Kilkelly was one of the first expansions of Calbion under Jingdaoese rule. It was part of a broader strategy by King Jack I to take control over the Western Ocean and to protect the crucial trading routes between Cibola, Tapfer and Benacia.