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Kendall Isle is an island in Herrin Bay on Micras.

Origins and Etymology

Kendall Isle was added along with the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere in Series Three. In keeping with the policy of naming islands after famous past micronationalists, it was named after David Kendall, former Secretary General of the League of Secessionist States. However, it is much more commonly called Jaris, after the first country to occupy it and after the Shirerithian Duchy of the same name.


Kendall Isle is basically flat, and surrounded by scores of smaller islands.


Kendall Island was first inhabited by the country of Jaris, a nation politically linked to the Jacobite Empire of Cognito and Lac Glacei. During the Tymarian Era (2001-2002), a series of political wheelings and dealings ended up with Jaris becoming a Duchy of Shireroth, under its former leader Duke Joe Whittaberg. Its capital, Philban, was (believe it or not) named after Regis Philbin from the Regis and Kathy Lee Show.

The island was the center of the Jaris War between Shireroth and the Grand Commonwealth, but no land actually changed hands during the hostility. It finally left Shirerithian control during that empire's de-expansion phase in 2006, and was annexed by the Republic of Antica. Antica controlled the west of the island, with the east being occupied by Alexandria and Gralus. There was a time when the western half was Krasnarusyn, and the eastern half was Constancian.