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Keltia Command

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Keltia Command
SANE Flag.png

1653 AC.png

Active: 1646–the present
In use by: Natopian Defense Force
Allegiance: Shireroth & Natopia / SANE

Type: Command
Size: 882,758
Nickname: Forgotten Command
Thirsty Arselings

Current Commander: Frumst Frainan-bi-Mari (Admiral) Wilhelm Wartensleben
Conflicts & Deployments Strait of Haifa Campaign
War of the Casks

Keltia Command is a theatre command established by the SANE alliance as part of its global strategy to defend against the threat of Jingdaoese (later USSO) hegemony, facilitating the integration of allied units (primarily Shirerithian and Natopian) into a single integrated chain of command for operational matters.

By virtue of having the largest continental possessions on the Keltian continent the Keltia Command is controlled by the Natopian Defense Force. Established in 1646 AN, it's first mobilisation occurred in 1655 as the War of Lost Brothers became global in scale. Sometimes known as the Forgotten Command in contrast to better resourced counterparts in Apollonia, Benacia, Tapfer and Trans-Eura, it nonetheless imbued itself with the martial ethos of Normark, in whose lands it was established, and made a vital contribution to the emerging world war against Passio-Corum.

Following the collapse of the Great Enterprise of Keltia, the Command was rent by schism as former Steward Burgrave Zinkgraven refused to heed the summons of his successor to return to Shirekeep and face the inquiry into his conduct. After many months of evasion and double dealing the patience of the Imperial Forces finally ran out and "loyalist forces" led by the Prefect of New Blackstone staged a bloody assault on the encampments of the Sea-Reavers turning the War of the Casks into a three-sided conflict.

From 1664 until 1669 the Military of the Wechua Nation was formally integrated into the allied command structure, increasing the available reserve of manpower whilst requiring considerable material assistance in turn. After the collapse of the Wechua Nation and Caputia in the face of the White Plague and a Bassarid insurgency, the Sacrifices of Butauros took charge of the Tawantinsuyu and in 1670 began to oversee the evacuation of those persons who wished to escape the deteriorating conditions of eastern Keltia.

With the collapse of Caputia and less than optimal relations with neighbours Stormark and the Bassarid polities infesting the Strait of Haifa, the Raspur Pact shifted to reliance upon the Hyperborean air-bridge, supported by SATCo trade fleets escorted by Task Force 103 out of New Blackstone to sustain and replenish Army Group Normark.

The unseemly flare up between the Bassarids and the Hoennese Realm, ostensibly over the involvement of the latter in relief efforts in the former Caputia and its successor states, obliged Shireroth to reinforce the island of Talenore with a naval task force so as to protect the operations of the Shirerithian–Hoennese Interplanetary Postal, Trade, and Transportation Company from external interference.

Operational Activity

Date Formation Subject Summary

Sponsored militias are paramilitary forces which exist outside of the direct chain of command, but which enjoy access to arms and equipment provided from the Sxiro-Natopian Production Matrix and support and training provided by military and PMC advisers.

Date Group Subject Summary
24.VI.1661 ESB (Keltia) Security Division Security at Sårensby Industrial Area The ESB Group (Keltia) has formally confirmed to the Prime Minister of the Elian Union and the Department of Military-Industrial Relations its preparedness to assume responsibility for security arrangements in the Sårensby Industrial Area and its environs. The use of Wechua contractors will free up the 2nd Area Defence Force from garrison duties to reinforce operational formations.
07.X.1662 Maritime Support Group Coastal Waters Defence Contract With the consent of the Prime Minister of the Elian Union, Keltia Command has, as of this date, awarded the contract for maintaining the defence and security of Normark's exclusive economic zone to the Maritime Support Group (MSG) of New Blackrock for a fee of ₦8.7bn. The contract will run for ten Norton years and will see the MSG liaise with the Army of the Littoral, the Natopian Security Forces and the Imperial Natopian Constabulary detachment in Normark.
08.X.1662 SATCo Trade Fleet Pursuant to the proposed treaty of friendship and commerce with the Union of Caputia, Keltia Command has contracted with the Saint Andre Trading Company (SATCo) to provide for an annual trading fleet to sail from Elijah's Rest to Freedom City (Morovian-Patrovia / Lake Morovia) in the twelfth month of each year. Keltia Command, the Elian Union and the Kingdom of Normark, are to be listed as initial investors and underwriters for this enterprise. Trade Fleets to operate under the convoy system protected by the Maritime Support Group whilst in Natopian and international waters.
23.XI.1670 Talenore Defense Force Assessment The Talenore Defense Force, comprising of the Talenore Army, the Talenore Navy, the Talenore Air Force, the Talenore Coast Guard and the Talenore Gendarmerie, has been evaluated by visiting officers from Keltia Command and Trans-Euran Command. The Talenore Navy and Talenore Air Force received especial commendation for their professionalism, quality of equipment, and organisation.


Assigned & Allocated
Item Type # in Theatre Army Group Normark Sacrifices of Butauros Maritime Support Group Banner Group Noor+
Wechua servicemen Personnel 211200 . 211200 . .
Elian Militia Personnel 165013 165013 0 0 0
Kontraktniki Personnel 73825 0 0 73825 0
Natopian Security Forces Personnel 73283 73283 0 0 0
Tuktuvut Confederation Personnel 49150 49150 0
Reavers Personnel 42963 0 0 42963 0
Imperial Natopian Constabulary Personnel 30000 30000 0 0 0
Natopian Defence Forces Personnel 30000 30000 0 0 0
Wechu mercenaries Personnel 8400 8400 0 0 0
NDF Aerospace Command Personnel Personnel 3600 3600 0 0 0
Shirerithian Naval Personnel Personnel 34000 0 0 0 34000
Shirerithian Special Forces Personnel 3600 3600 0 0 0
Sacrificial Clergy Personnel 34847 0 34847 0 0
Strivers for Redemption Personnel 122877 0 122877 0 0
FV1620 Humber Hornet AFV 0
GV(CV)-4 Red Queen AFV 0
GV(MBT)-1 Bandersnatch AFV 0
GV(MCB)-7 Leviathan AFV 1 1
GV(SPG)-2 Jabberwocky AFV 0
Horjin CV35 AFV 4188 3250 938
Horjin CV56(S/N/E) AFV 662 612 50
IMW-2 Spidertank AFV 304 295 9
IMW-3 Snark AFV 5 5
OAH Ingilisi APC FV102 (Anti-Tank) AFV 0
OAH Matador Hovercraft AFV 0
OAH Panssarsepâh Mk III AFV 0
Otokar Cobra AFV 0
Paixhans Mark 4 Land Cruiser AFV 58 38 20
A-10 Kambera Air 190 190
A-6 Pundarikam Air 7 7
AH-1Z Viper Air 24 24
AV-8B Harrier II Air 10 10
AW101 Merlin Helicopter Air 0
B-49 Delta Air 0
B-66 Vulcan Air 0
BN-2T-4S Defender 4000 Air 0
Buccaneer S.2D Air 0
CN-235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft Air 0
EA-6B Prowler Air 0
EC135 Utility Helicopter Air 0
F-8 Shrike Air 27 10 17
F-9 Ashavan Air 0
GAV(AS)-1 Snaggletooth Air 20 20
GAV(P)-5 Nereid Air 0
GAV(U)-4 Jackalope Air 10 10
Gravrig Cruisers Air 0
HB-3 Heavy Bombers Air 0
LB-2 Light Bombers Air 0
Learjet 45 Air 0
MH-60G Pave Hawk Helicopter Air 0
MiG-29K Fulcrum Air 0
Nimrod MRA4 Air 0
PC-9 Trainer / Light Attack Aircraft Air 0
R-1 Whirdlebird Air 267 200 25 42
RAS Kestrel Mk.II Gravship Air 0
Spiegelflügel-Taube Amphibious Aircraft Air 0
T-2 Saeqeh Air 810 800 10
T-3 Akintos Air 208 183 25
Transport Airships (various) Air 0
UH-1Y Venom Air 20 20
Wildcat ASW helicopters Air 0
A-100 Kamæleon Air/Space 0
Black Angel Fighters Air/Space 5 5
Dingo-class Shuttle Air/Space 0
Dingo-class Shuttle - Variant Air/Space 0
F-10 Carnifex Air/Space 0
GAV(P)-6 Zephyr Mark 1a Air/Space 0
Goede Hoop-class Shuttle Air/Space 0
Melitta-class Shuttle Air/Space 0
N-2 Advanced Fighter Air/Space 0
Nebula-class Scout Air/Space 0
Raven-class Shuttle Air/Space 0
Troy-class Scout Air/Space 0
Virgo-class Scout Air/Space 0
Zion-class Scout Air/Space 0
9K37 Buk mobile SAM batteries Anti-Air 5 5
FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS Anti-Air 0
GV(LU)-3 Boojum Anti-Air 0
Trump Radar Tracking Autocannon Anti-Air 696 600 6 90
Waspsting Man-portable Air Defence System Anti-Air 525 225 100 100 100
9K115-2 Metis-M Anti-Tank 6954 4954 1000 1000
BGM-71 TOW Anti-Tank 0
FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile Anti-Tank 0
Hornet 84 mm Recoilless Rifle (Anti-Tank) Anti-Tank 1640 1206 334 100
105 mm Light Gun Artillery 500 500
80 mm Field Gun Artillery 1634 1194 440
81mm Mortar Artillery 304 304
82 mm Mortar Artillery 3480 2292 488 600 100
BM-27 Uragan Artillery 0
Ordnance QF 13 pounder Artillery 0
RSM-52 SLBM Bad Neighbour ICBM 0
FN MINIMI Inf Spt Wpn 0
RPG-29 Inf Spt Wpn 0
Tankgewehr 13.2 mm Rifle (Anti-Materiel) Inf Spt Wpn 1000 400 200 200 200
Type 87 (automatic) grenade launcher Inf Spt Wpn 0
Ariadne-class Escort Vessel Maritime 0
Armed Trawlers Maritime 1163 3 1160
Armed yacht Maritime 0
Aurangzeb-class Missile Defence Battleship Maritime 0
Ayreon-Kalirion Dreadnought Maritime 0
Bijeko-class Missile Cruiser Maritime 4 4
Cargo Submarine Maritime 25 25
City-class Diesel Submarine Maritime 4 4
Coastal Patrol Craft Maritime 368 354 14
County-class Frigate Maritime 1 1
Duchy-class Destroyer Maritime 2 2
Eisboyle-class assault ship Maritime 0
Elwynn-class Corvette Maritime 6 6
Grifos Class Battleship Maritime 0
Gustav Lindstrom-class aircraft carrier Maritime 0
Hegchelus-class ballistic missile submarine Maritime 0
Icebreaker Maritime 1 1
Ill de France-class battleship Maritime 0
Indigo-class Gunboat Maritime 13 13
Kalir-class Carrier-Cruiser Maritime 0
Kesh-class Attack Submarine Maritime 3 3
Klimatariá-class Missile Corvette Maritime 0
Landing Ship, Tank Maritime 157 157
Logistic Support Vessel Maritime 20 20
Merchant Vessel (Cargo & Passenger, Ice) Maritime 1 1
Merchant Vessel (Cargo & Passenger) Maritime 295 295
Merchant Vessel (Cargo) Maritime 75 75
Merchant Vessel (Livestock) Maritime 20 20
Minute-class patrol boat Maritime 0
Mortis-class Aircraft Carrier Maritime 1 1
Natopia-class destroyer Maritime 0
Northman-class Corvette Maritime 0
Oil Tanker Maritime 50 50
Poltroon-class Nuclear Submarine Maritime 10 10
Private Boats Maritime 836 836
Project 941 Nuclear Submarine Maritime 0
Project 942 Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine Maritime 0
Protector-class OPV Maritime 0
Raynor-class Cruiser Maritime 1 1
Rustolium-class Submarine Maritime 1 1
Skyfire-class guided-missile destroyer Maritime 0
Swift-class Offshore Patrol Vessel Maritime 20 20
Trident-class minelayer Maritime 0
Type 2400 U-Boat Maritime 0
Unterdu-class attack submarine Maritime 0
Urga Class Submarine Tender Maritime 0
Vista de Nada-class frigate Maritime 0
Viviantia-class LSV Maritime 2 2
Zibertian-class Cruiser Maritime 1 1
Ziegeland-class tactical carrier Maritime 0
Polybolos 12.7 mm HMG MG 65927 40000 15183 10000 744
Vickers 7.7 mm HMG MG 0
Wren 7.62mm LMG MG 50000 20000 21000 5000 4000
AKM 7.62mm assault rifle Small Arms 0
Ayllos (hunting-bolas) Small Arms 36863 36863
Bolo Knife Small Arms 0
Cattle-prod Small Arms 32668 12000 12000 4000 4668
Chambi (cudgel) Small Arms 190957 190957
Chaska Chiqui (star-headed mace) Small Arms 22279 22279
Clinger Bomb, Adhesive Anti-Tank Grenade Small Arms 215000 215000
Clinger Bomb, Adhesive Anti-Tank Grenade Small Arms 1015000 800000 215000
CP 60 "Cherry Picker" 7.62 mm sniper rifle Small Arms 0
Cudgel Small Arms 131200 100000 15000 16200
Cuncha Chucuna (axe) Small Arms 5795 5795
Estólica (spear-thrower) Small Arms 20473 20473
Florian Cocktail (Tar, sulphur, petrol, sand, & wick) Small Arms 11639100 5639100 6000000
Gladius / Acinaces Small Arms 112431 9278 103153
Glock 9x19mm Pistol Small Arms 0
Hatchet Small Arms 116740 116740
Huaraca (sling) Small Arms 43355 43355
LTM 60 "Trouble Maker" 9 mm submachine gun Small Arms 0
M14 Fragmentation Hand Grenade Small Arms 1000000 809000 191000
M1486 Webb-Lee 11.6 mm Revolver Small Arms 0
M15 White Phosphorus Grenade Small Arms 1000000 710000 290000
M1508 Martini-Rossi 11.56 mm Rifle Small Arms 0
M1525 9 mm Pistol Small Arms 200000 104670 55330 20000 20000
M1581 7.62 mm Machine Carbine Small Arms 205648 205648
M1591 7.62 mm Rifle Small Arms 350000 200000 116000 34000
M16 Mustard Gas Grenade Small Arms 1000000 1000000
M1610 7.9 mm Rifle (Semi-Automatic) Small Arms 60000 60000
M1656 9 mm SMG Small Arms 455000 398000 57000
M1656 Demolition Kit (9.1 kg C4) Small Arms 1200 1200
M18 Red Smoke Grenade Small Arms 1000000 500000 300000 100000 100000
P29 Sniper Rifle Small Arms 0
P62 Commando Small Arms 0
P62 Covert Small Arms 0
P62 Rifle Small Arms 0
P62 Rifle W/ Grenade Launcher Small Arms 0
Pattern 1496 Sabre Small Arms 0
Shirley 9mm Pistol Small Arms 0
Suchuc Chiqui (halberd) Small Arms 6642 6642
Bismarck-class Space-faring Cruiser Space 0
Damocles-class Orbital Bombardment Platform Space 0
Drydock facility Space 0
Imperial-class Space Carrier Space 0
Io-class Exploration Vessel Space 0
Natopian International Space Station Space 0
New Lindstrom Tarsica Colony modular assembly Space 0
Bedford QLD Spt Vehicle 0
GV(CT)-6 Walrus Spt Vehicle 25 25
Jingóchima Spt Vehicle 0
OAH Ingilisi APC FV105 Combat Bulldozer Spt Vehicle 0
OAH Ingilisi APC FV106 Rough Terrain Forklift Spt Vehicle 0
Pod Personnel Carrier Spt Vehicle 19495 19195 100 100 100
SMC S70 18R-4WD utility vehicle Spt Vehicle 0
Snatch Land Rover Spt Vehicle 720 720
Thornycroft Tank Transporter Spt Vehicle 0
Truck, Light Spt Vehicle 14800 14800
Truck, Medium Spt Vehicle 2400 2400
TX51-19M Rough Terrain Forklift Spt Vehicle 0
Ural-4320 Truck Spt Vehicle 0
AGM-84 Harpoon SSM 200 200
Banshee Cruise Missiles SSM 0
Moraquine SRBM SSM 20 20

Order of Battle

  • Keltia Command (Elijah's Rest)
    • Combined Allied Staff
      • Military-Political Board of Control
        • Higher-Quartermaster-General's Office
          • Directorate of Operations
          • Directorate of Information
          • Directorate of Manning
          • Directorate of Ordnance
          • Directorate of the Commissariat
    • Army Group Normark
      • General Headquarters (Nynormaksudda)
        • 1st Area Defence Force
        • 5th Tactical Air Force
          • 4th Strike Group
          • 5th Bombardment Group
          • 6th Imperial Air Training School Group
            • Air Development and Test Wing
          • 7th Reconnaissance Group
        • Commissariat
          • Quartermaster-General's Office
            • Stores-Marshalling Force
          • Office of the Adjutant-General
            • Special Field-Gendarmerie Force
          • Office of the Surgeon-General
            • Allied Medical Services Group
      • Army of the Littoral
        • Army Command Group
          • 2nd Regiment (II Shapur) Command
          • 92nd Regiment (II Shapur) Logistics
          • 97th Regiment (II Shapur) Area Defence
          • 4th Regiment (EM) Army Aviation
          • Hakka's Warband (Tuktuvut) Scouts
          • 1st Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
          • 2nd Tuktuvut Regiment Scouts
          • 3rd Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
          • 18th Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
          • 11th Regiment (EM) Logistics
          • 12th Regiment (EM) Coastal Defence
          • 13th Regiment (EM) Communications
          • 14th Regiment (EM) Area Defence
        • 1st Combined Arms Corps
          • 81st Regiment (II Shapur) Armoured
          • 23rd Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 24th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 25th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 26th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 27th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 28th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 1st Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 2nd Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 3rd Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 4th Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 1st Regiment (EM) Army Aviation
          • 9th Regiment (EM) Coastal Flotilla
          • 4th Tuktuvut Regiment Scouts
          • 5th Tuktuvut Regiment Scouts
          • 6th Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
          • 7th Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
          • 8th Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
          • 5th Regiment (EM) Logistics
          • 6th Regiment (EM) Coastal Defence
          • 7th Regiment (EM) Communications
          • 8th Regiment (EM) Area Defence
        • 2nd Combined Arms Corps
          • 82nd Regiment (II Shapur) Armoured
          • 29th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 30th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 31st Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 32nd Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 33th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 34th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 5th Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 6th Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 7th Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 8th Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 2nd Regiment (EM) Army Aviation
          • 10th Regiment (EM) Coastal Flotilla
          • 9th Tuktuvut Regiment Scouts
          • 10th Tuktuvut Regiment Scouts
          • 11th Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
          • 12th Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
          • 13th Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
        • 3rd Combined Arms Corps
          • 83rd Regiment (II Shapur) Armoured
          • 35th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 36th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 37th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 38th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 39th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 40th Regiment (II Shapur) Infantry
          • 9th Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 10th Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 11th Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 12th Regiment (INC) Constabulary
          • 3rd Regiment (EM) Army Aviation
          • 14th Tuktuvut Regiment Scouts
          • 15th Tuktuvut Regiment Scouts
          • 16th Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
          • 17th Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
          • 19th Tuktuvut Regiment Porters
        • Sjorsborg Defence Committee
        • Riddersborg Defence Committee
      • Army of the Interior
        • 4th Combined Arms Corps
        • 5th Combined Arms Corps
        • 6th Combined Arms Corps
    • Department of Military-Industrial Relations
      • Normark Industrial Archaeology & Reclamation Group
      • Armaments & Munitions Working Group
        • Sårensby Industrial Area
      • Committee for Economic Mobilisation
    • Department of Political Warfare (Ministry of Security)
    • Maritime Support Group
      • Task Force 103 (New Blackstone)
      • New Blackstone Trade Fleet
      • Haifa Trade Fleet



Army Group Normark

Past commands

Great Expedition of Keltia

Name Rank Command
Flavius Magnus Magister Equitum (brevet) GEK Land Forces
Pierre Claesson Rear Admiral TF 100 Battleship Divison
Aquila Bäcker Rear Admiral TF 100 Amphibious Division
Gotthilf Kneib Rear Admiral TF 101 Carrier Division
Chlodulf Halle Rear Admiral TF 101 Reserve Division
Julius Gerard Palatine Legate Scholae Palatinae

Defence of Talenore

Campaign log

Talenore-Niijima Friendship Cruise
Date Formation Subject Summary
14.III.1670–09.II.1672 Southern Banner Group Fall Hos Siïrik Deployment of Noor Banner Group from MoMA Station Sabatini to conduct Patrol and Exercise operations with Local Forces (Talenore). Entailing temporary transfer of assets to Keltia Command and reactivation of MoMA Station Talenore.
09.II.1672 Noor Banner Group
Talenore Defence Force
Area of Responsibility Transfer With effect from this date, the Trans-Euran Command shall assume responsibility for all Raspur Pact operations in the Captive Sea and Sea of Storms.
War of the Harpy
Date Formation Subject Summary
24.VI.1661 2nd Area Defence Force Transfer and re-designation With the assignment of security operations at the to the ESB (Keltia) Security Division the 2nd Area Defence Force is transferred from the Armaments & Munitions Working Group to the Army of the Interior and re-designated as the 6th Combined Arms Corps.
01.VIII.1661 to 24.VIII.1662 II (Shapur) Division Lindstrom to Nynormarksudda Airlift II (Shapur) Division of the Tapferite Army of Vengeance transferred via strategic airlift from Tapfer to Normark[1]. The cooperation of Raspurid and Caputian authorities in facilitating this movement has been gratefully acknowledged.
11.I.1663 Keltia Command Resumption of Hostilities With the support of the Raspur Pact, Natopian Forces in Keltia have resumed the campaign to expel the insurgent forces from the eastern portions of the Elian Union's territory of Normark. It is the duty of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation to exercise its sovereignty over all territory awarded to it by the decision of the international arbitration committee and the continuance of an unlawful occupation by proxies of the Bassarid Empire will no longer be countenanced.
12.I.1663 Army of the Littoral,
Maritime Support Group
Blockade of Insurgent Ports With the receipt of formal instructions from the Natopian Government[2] - ports occupied by insurgents in the eastern portions of Normark are to be subject to blockade from the date of this order, with the sinking of all Bassarid civil shipping in the region, without warning, authorised from 20.II.1663.
12.I.1663 1st Combined Arms Corps ROADSTEAD I qty 100 Coastal Patrol Boats supported by qty 40 R-1 Whirdlebird attack helicopters to conduct coastal sweep between Sjorborg and Riddersborg and to engage and destroy any and all hostile vessels encountered.
12.I.1663 1st Combined Arms Corps ROADSTEAD II qty 100 Coastal Patrol Boats supported by qty 35 R-1 Whirdlebird attack helicopters to conduct sweep of the Gulf of Jangsong between Riddersborg and Ardclach and to engage and destroy any and all hostile vessels encountered.
12.I.1663 4th Strike Group RANGER I qty 48 T-3 Akintos & qty 5 Black Angel fighters to conduct sweep mission over Gulf of Jangsong in Sjorborg-Ardclach-Riddersborg triangle. All hostile targets encountered to be engaged with aviation targets a priority.
13.I.1663 5th Bombardment Group,
1st Combined Arms Corps
CIRCUS I Target: Hapsmark-May Hydroelectric Powerplant. qty 11 GAV(P)-6 Zephyr Mark 1a deployed in suppression of hostile air defences, qty 4 A-10 Kambera to strike against turbine housing of power-plant. qty 56 T-3 Akintos to provide combat air patrol and overwatch.
13.I.1663 4th Combined Arms Corps
Department of Political Warfare
RAZZIA I qty 4 regiments of Elian militia supported by qty 250 Horjin CV35, qty 2,000 Pod personnel carriers, qty 24 80 mm Field Gun, qty 46 82 mm mortars, qty 1 Trump Radar Tracking Autocannon & qty 1,000 Polybolos 12.7 mm HMG, with appropriate small arms and munitions. Ensure that frontier to the south of Riddersborg is clear of Task Force 36.70-001 & Norse-Elijaian Intelligence Agency (Collaborationist Formation). Department of Political Warfare to monitor and intervene where necessary.

War of Lost Brothers
Date Formation Subject Summary
08.II.1656 Musican Fleet Bombardment of Blore Heath The primary target of the attack was the city's commercial district, home of a crucial east Keltian brokerage, allowing for the plundering the shoreline and waterways around Blore Heath under the cover of the bombardment, the attack also served in part as a reprisal for the role played by the Jogi Regiment in raids on the Natopian settlements of Elijah's Rest.
12.II.1656 Normark Army Group Committees of Defence, Elijah's Rest Following escalating raids against civilian settlements on the eastern and southern frontiers of Elijah's Rest, the Elian Militia begins to organise committees of defence, to better coordinate the hitherto unorganised response of local vigilante groups to the violent attacks by members of the Stripping Path, seeking to make abductions for the varying purposes of sacrifice and indoctrination.
12.IV.1656 2nd (Bombardment) Group (temp. deployment) Ardclach Orbital Strike NSS Damocles on temporary assignment from allied Space Command.
21.IV.1656 Tuktuvut Confederation Raising of the banners, Elkheim On this day the Tukudiggi, the assembly of the Tuktuvut clans, elected Jegerdatter as war-leader after receiving weapons, food and ESB-minted imitation Kalgarrands, from Keltia Command. Resentment had been mounting steadily as Haifans became more numerous along in the northern reaches of the eponymous strait. With raids affecting settlements along the eastern and southern frontiers of Elijah's Rest, these resentments had broken out into open conflict as the Tuktuvut began taking the side of Normarker vigilante groups engaged against the marauding devotees of the Stripping Path.
24.IV.1656 Black Angel Squadron Anti-shipping sweep, Gulf of Jangsong Strike package to (qty 1 Virgo-class scout ship, qty 2 Stealth fighter "Black Angel") engage and neutralise Palliscian-Haifan shipping transiting between Ardclach and Jangsong/Elijah's Rest.
24.IV.1656 Political Directorate Counter-espionage, Elijah's Rest Coordination of pre-dawn raids with Imperial Natopian Constabulary results in arrest of qty 9 USSO-aligned spies and qty 4 civil servants plus qty 1 militia officer suspected of corruption and collusion with a hostile foreign power. A further qty 12 suspects perished whilst resisting arrest.
24.IV.1656 3rd (Support) Group Anti-shipping sweep, Talenore On temporary detachment from allied Space Command, qty 12 Virgo-class scout ships to conduct anti-shipping operations directed at Voorpost. Aim for complete eradication of Voorpost Detachment maritime assets and harbour air defences.
24.IV.1656 Area Defence Vexillation Air defence operations, Talenore Consistent with previous engagements, counter any radar contacts designated as unidentified or hostile on an approach to Talenore with maximum available force. Engage at optimum range with remaining Buk surface to air missiles once targeting solutions are acquired and deploy Trump autocannons for point defence of MoMA Station and harbour district.
13.XII.1656 All Forces The Great Enterprise of Keltia (GEK), Theatre-wide The Great Keltian Enterprise marks Shireroth's entry into theatre, a second advent, for which the passage of the Musican Fleet was merely a prelude. With deliberate and overwhelming force, allied forces will liberate Nova England from pernicious influences, impose terms for a truce, and end the so-called Cod War in the Great Western Sea. At the Day and Hour of the commencement of GEK, the Shirerithian Steward, Burgrave Zinkgraven, shall assume temporary command of Keltia Command on the basis of seniority.

In anticipation of GEK biometric screening is mandatory for all allied and affiliated personnel from this moment forward and will be enforced by regular, randomised, spot-checks. Any person who fails to submit to screening and or cannot recount the watch code for the hour must be immediately detained. Any person engaged in a flagrant breach of general orders, or of a narratively improbable act, may be summarily executed on the authority and concurrence of the relevant unit commander and political officer.
13.VI.1657 Natopian Security Forces Establishment parade for the NSF, Elijah's Rest Operational Security in Elijah's Rest, known as Normark, has been, from this date transferred from the NDF to the Natopian Security Forces (NSF). Army Group Normark will henceforth support rather than lead counter insurgency operations in the demesne.