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Kalisa Sivile

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Kalisa Sivile
Abbreviation KS
Predecessor None
Formation 1682 AN
Type National agency
Purpose/focus Law enforcement
Headquarters Sanama City
Location Pahay Kalisa Sivileli
Region served National
Official languages Sanaman and Istvanistani, Cisamarrese in Cisamarra
Director General Amela Ciccone
Parent organization Sanama Department of Domestic Security
Budget N/A
Staff 94,250

Kalisa Sivile is a Sanaman national law enforcement agency formed in 1682 AN. Its area of responsibility are criminal felony investigations, searches and seizures. It cooperates closely with the Kalisa Rrumëli. The Kalisa Sivile is a civilian agency under the Department of Domestic Security. The agency is headed by a Commissioner General and is headquartered in Sanama City. The agency operates a small fleet of marked vehicles for property security, and most personnel are dressed in civilian clothes. Agents of the agency carry a personal firearm at all times, normally an M/1688 (SAI CP2). In 1694 the agency was transferred from the Department of Justice to the newly formed Department of Domestic Security.


The Kalisa Sivile has a regional organisation for law enforcement and a national support structure providing common services to the regions.

National organisation

Position Bureau Name Rank Appointed
Commissioner General Commissioner 1692
Deputy Commissioner General Deputy Commissioner 1692
Assistant Commissioner for Operations National Operations Bureau Deputy Commissioner 1691
Assistant Commissioner for Development Development and Research Bureau Deputy Commissioner 1690
Assistant Commissioner for Legal Affairs Bureau of Legal Affairs Deputy Commissioner 1690
Assistant Commissioner for Finance Finance and Administration Bureau Deputy Commissioner 1693
Assistant Commissioner for Personnel Personnel Bureau Deputy Commissioner 1692
Assistant Commissioner for Media Relations Media Relations and Information Bureau Deputy Commissioner 1692

Regional organisation


Rank (Sanaman) Rank (Istvanistani)
GS-20 Komisyoner Shenerel Commissioner General
GS-19 Komisyoner Tenente Deputy Commissioner
GS-18 Tiretor Xonu Executive Director
GS-17 Tiretor Director
GS-16 Tiretor Tenente Assistant Director
GS-15 Tiretor Rehiyonal Regional Director
GS-14 Tiretor Rehiyonal Kila Deputy Regional Director
GS-13 Tiretor Rehiyonal Kila Tenente Assistant Deputy Regional Director
GS-12 Tiretor Rehiyonal Tenente Assistant Regional Director
GS-11 Eyshen Komantan Special Agent in Charge
GS-10 Eyshen Komantan Tenente Assistant Special Agent in Charge
GS-9 Eyshen Xonu Supervisory Agent
GS-8 Eyshen Ispesyal Shif Senior Special Agent
GS-7 Eyshen Ispesyal Special Agent
GS-6 Eyshen Agent