Kaiser Wythe

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Kaiser Wythe
Johnathan Nelson Wythe II
Former Kaiser of Shireroth
Began 1589
Ended 1591 (died)
Predecessor Kaiser Ayreon II
Successor Kaiser Yardistanislaus

  • Ari Kaukainen (1590–1591)
  • Vilhelm Benkern (1591)
Imperial Bloodline Wythe (Sanglorian)
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Biographical information
Father Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe
Mother Elizabeth Margaret Daniels
Spouse(s) Abigail Margaret Smith

Date of birth 1573
Place of birth The Green
Date of death 1591, aged 18 (unkown causes)
Place of death Raynor's Keep

Kaiser Wythe (Johnathan Nelson Wythe II, born in the Green, 1573, died at Raynor's Keep, 1591 aged 18) reigned as kaiser 1589–1591 and Duke of Goldshire 1589–1591. Steward of the Imperial Republic under Kaiser Ayreon II in 1589.

He immigrated to Shireroth with his grandfather (and name sake) along with his greater family in 1586. The Wythe family quickly rose to prominence. In 1589, after the death of the grandfather Johnathan Nelson Wythe, recently become Duke of Goldshire, Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe (son of Johnathan I, father of Johnathan II), was made heir to the Dukedom. Benjamin was also made Steward of Shireroth and heir to the throne. At this point, Johnathan II moved with his father to Shirekeep, where he developed a friendship with the similarly aged Kaiser Ayreon II. Tragedy struck, however, when Benjamin was killed in a skiing accident just a few months later. Johnathan immediately inherited the estate and titles. As such, the Kaiser honoured his agreement with Johnathan's father and made Johnathan Steward and heir to the throne too.

A month later, the Kaiser abdicated and defected to Free Elwynn. Johnathan ascended to the Golden Mango Throne, aged 16, as Kaiser Wythe. His early reign was relatively quiet. As he succeeded to the Mango Throne quite young, he spent the first several years of his reign learning how to govern.

Upon moving to Shirekeep, he immediately fell in love with one of the maids, Abigail Margaret Smith, in Raynor's Keep. When hearing of her pregnancy, he decided to marry her. Their triplets, Prince Montgomery, Prince Alexander and Princess Charlotte were born in late 1589 and were made princes of Shireroth upon their births.

In 1591, Kaiser Wythe I was found dead in his bed. He was succeded by his friend, Kaiser Yardistanislaus, who decided that the death of the young kaiser did not necessitate an investigation. His son Prince Montgomery inherited the titles and estates related to the Duke of Goldshire.

Preceded by:
Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe
Steward of Shireroth
Succeeded by
Ari Kaukainen
Preceded by:
Kaiser Ayreon II‎
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by
Kaiser Yardistanislaus
Preceded by:
Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe
Duke of Goldshire
Succeeded by
Montgomery Wythe