José Eraŷeŷ

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José Eraŷeŷ
Personal information
Full nameJosé Eraŷeŷ
Year of birth1961
Place of birthPort Isherwood, Gerenia
Year of death2018
Teams managed
2012Gerenia Glaxo Academy Youth
2012–13Gerenia Glaxo Academy FT
2012–13Gerenia Gerenia national football team
2013–14Gerenia Tawlkar Astros
* Appearances (Goals)
Player received at least one call-up for any emboldened national teams

José "Pepe" Eraŷeŷ was a Gerenian football manager who last worked for Tawlkar Astros.

Personal life

Eraŷeŷ was born in Port Isherwood, where he lived with his parents. As he grew up, he took part in several football competitions at a school level.

In 1983, Eraŷeŷ earned a degree in journalism at the University of Isherwood. However, he did not exercise his profession. In 1987, profoundly upset due to the recent revolution, he moved to Ashkenatza, where he had some of his relatives (his grandparents were Ashkenatzi, and when they moved to Gerenia, their surname was gerenisated from Eliaschev to Eraŷeŷ).

Eraŷeŷ returned to his motherland in 1999, and worked for various newspapers of Port Isherwood for ten years. He also started to work for Radio 3 Gerenia, an Isherwood-based station, in 2008.

Managerial Career

In 2012, Eraŷeŷ was invited to join Glaxo Academy's Head Office. Although he firstly declined the invitation, as he said the job to be "not his thing", during a visit to the club, he noticed that no manager had been hired at that time. Then Eraŷeŷ volunteered to manage the team a few weeks before the participation of its reserve division in the 2012 Senyan School International Tournament. Since the Gerenian Football Association (SZŽ) had not appointed any manager for the national team that took part in the above-mentioned competition, either, Eraŷeŷ agreed to coach the team provisionally.

Eraŷeŷ made an impressive job at the tournament: he obtained the U-16 Youth title with Glaxo Academy Youth, and the national team finished as runner-up, as both were undefeated. Whilst in Tiga, some criticism aroused at Eraŷeŷ working for the SZŽ (a branch of the Ministry for Sport and, by extension, of the State) when he always had an openly negative view of the current government. Once finished the Senyan School Tournament, Eraŷeŷ was offered to remain as the national team manager as long as he resigned from his job at Radio 3. He was also offered to continue to manage Glaxo Academy. Eraŷeŷ signed up a one-year contract with the SZŽ, and a parallel contract with Glaxo, which lasted until January 2013.

Before the end of 2012, Glaxo Academy contested other two competitions under the guidance of Eraŷeŷ: the inaugural editions of both the Gerenian League 2 and the Gerenian National Cup. Glaxo Academy failed to be promoted to the League 1 as it finished third in the six-team group. As for the Cup, Glaxo was eliminated by CSD 21 De Agosto in the first round.

In June, 2013, after Gerenia failed to qualify for that year's World Cup, Eraŷeŷ resigned as manager of the national team.


Last update: 5 July 2013.

Team Competition Pld W D L Pts (%) Wins (%)
Gerenia Glaxo Academy Youth 2012 Senyan School International Tournament 3 3 0 0 100 100
Subtotal 3 3 0 0 100 100
Gerenia Glaxo Academy FT 2012–13 Gerenian League 2 5 2 1 2 46.7 40
2012 Gerenian National Cup 2 1 0 1 50 50
Subtotal 7 3 1 3 47.6 42.9
Gerenia Gerenia national football team 2012 Senyan School International Tournament 5 3 2 0 73.3 60
2013 Four Nations Internationals 4 1 2 1 41.7 25
2013 FMF World Cup qualification 8 3 5 0 58.3 37.5
Friendlies 1 0 0 1 0 0
Subtotal 18 7 9 2 55.5 38.9
Total 28 13 10 5 58.3 46.4




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