Johnathan Nelson Wythe

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Johnathan Nelson Wythe (born in the Green in c. 1530, died in 1589), known as Lord Holly 1587–1588, was the Duke of Goldshire from 1588 until his death a year later. In Babkha, he was known as Yahya Rahachi.


Born in the Green, Wythe, a wealthy businessman specialising in trade with Shireroth, immigrated with his entire family to the the Imperial Republic of Shireroth in 1586 AN under the promises of ennoblement for himself and his family. He was ennobled as the Baron of Khorze in 1587 AN. Immediately after his ennoblement, he merged Khorze with another territory, forming the Barony of Holly. As Lord Holly, he began enacting a series of wide ranging reforms within Holly. Within weeks, Lord Holly revoked every title of nobility or government appointment in his realm and merged all of the government with the Barony. Later the same year, Lord Holly was appointed the Minister of Immigration and Naturalization by Kaiser Loki IV

In 1588 AN, Duke Jacobus IV of Goldshire abdicated in favor of Gilles Melang. Under the short reign of Duke Gilles I, several laws were enacted which Johnathan Wythe deemed to be discriminatory and unfairly aimed at the Barony of Holly. Because of this, Lord Holly rebelled against Duke Gilles I and declared Holly to be an independent sovereign barony. The Holly War of Independence, as it came to be known, lasted for about a month and ended awith Duke Gilles I abdicating without leaving an heir. To fill the void and restore stability, Kaiser Ayreon II appointed Lord Holly the Duke of Goldshire.

Shortly after his succession to the ducal throne of Goldshire, Johnathan Nelson Wythe abolished the government of Goldshire and installed a brand new system. He also revoked all previously issued titles of nobility within Goldshire.

He also acquired Babkhan citizenship in 1587 and was known as Yahya Rahachi in the empire. In the same year Lord Holly was commissioned as a Sartip in the Imperial Babkhan Army, a rank he held until his death.

Family and descendants

Lord Holly married Claire Loraine Johnson in 1552. They had three children, all sons.

  • Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe (1555–1589), Duke of Goldshire (1589)
    • Lord Johnathan Nelson Wythe II (1573–1591)
    • Lord Montgomery Henry Wythe (1574–1659)
      • Descendants
    • Lord Chester David Wythe (1575–1683)
      • Descendants
    • Lady Caroline Jane Wythe (1576–1631)
      • Descendants
    • Lord Charles Thomas Wythe (1577–1672)
      • Descendants
    • Lord Christopher Octavius Wythe (1578–1656)
      • Descendants
    • Lord Cormac Robert Wythe (1578–1666)
      • Descendants
    • Lord William Alan Wythe (1578–1677)
      • Descendants
    • Lord James Joseph Wythe (1580–1605)
      • Descendants
    • Lady Alison Penelope Wythe (1581–1599 )
      • Descendants
    • Lord Rutherford Beets Wythe (1582–1681)
      • Descendants
    • Lord George Adelbert Wythe (1583–1672 )
      • Descendants
    • Lady Constance Elwynn Wythe (1584–1683)
      • Descendants
    • Lord Finlay Colin Wythe (1585–1682)
      • Descendants
    • Lady Isla Blair Wythe (born 1587)
  • Alexander Gallagher Wythe (1557–1560)
  • Thomas Ramsay Wythe (1559–1562)


In 1589, Johnathan died at his estate in Wendor. He was suceeded in his dukedom and all other titles and offices by his son, Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe, who died only a few months after in the same year.

Styles From Birth

  • Mr. Johnathan Nelson Wythe (until 1587)
  • The Right Honourable The Lord Holly (1587–1588)
  • His Grace The Duke of Goldshire (1588–1589)