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Johaņ Mortensen Cómunähl Grónd

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Johaņ Mortensen Cómunähl Grónd
Johaņ Mortensen Cómunähl Grónd.jpg
Location Biulya, Craitland
Opened 2003
Surface Grass
Capacity 35,000
Biulya äqi Jedu FC

Johaņ Mortensen Cómunähl Grónd is a football stadium in the Craitish city of Biulya. Named after the founder of the club, the stadium is home to Biulya äqi Jedu FC.


The stadium was used for Craitland's hosting of both EMU 2011 and the 2015 FMF World Cup.

Notable matches

2011 EMU Championships
Date Stage Score
18 June 2011 Group stage Interland Interland 2–2 Nova English Korea Nova English Korea
21 June 2011 Craitland Craitland 3–0 Flatland Flatland
27 June 2011 Flatland Flatland 0–0 Interland Interland
30 June 2011 Ocia Ocia 0–0 Craitland Craitland
2015 FMF World Cup
Date Stage Score
21 July 2015 Group stage Senya Senya 0–0 Safiria Safiria
25 July 2015 Safiria Safiria 1–2 Mercury Mercury
28 July 2015 Talenore Talenore 1–1 Lakkvia Lakkvia
31 July 2015 Valencia Valencia 1–0 Tellia Tellia
7 August 2015 Gerenia Gerenia 0–0 Shireroth Shireroth
10 August 2015 Play-off round Gerenia Gerenia 1–0 North Antarctica North Antarctica
21 August 2015 Third-place play-off Passas Passas 3–2 Gerenia Gerenia