Jinsoku Destroyer

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Sodaina Battleship

Jinsoku DD.png
Type: Destroyer
Place of origin: Jingdao Jingdao

In service: 1678 AN - Present
Used by:

Designed: 1673 - 1675 AN

Displacement: 3,500 t
Length: 376' 7"
Beam 39' 8"
Draught 36' 9"
Max. Speed 41 kn
Crew 284 in total
  • 4x2 5" Gun
  • 2x3 2" Gun
  • 2 × 25" AA guns
  • 3x5 Deck Torpedo Tubes
The destroyer of the Jinsoku-class in action near Xiacheng.

The Jinsoku Destroyer, meaning Swift Destroyer, was a destroyerclass, commissioned after the War of Lost Brothers during the reign of the Chidao Emperor. At a price of 14.47 million Kala, the first ship was constructed in Yuanbeicheng in 1679. It was specifically designed to carry strong torpedo armament to threaten capital ships and sufficient firepower to defend the fleet against smaller craft