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Jingdaoese Common Market

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The Jingdaoese Common Market was established in 1647 AN as part of an effort by the government of Jingdao to establish a trade network with the other nations representing the USSO. It followed the example of the Pallisican Standard International in representing the most important companies. Nowadays, through the Gangdiguo Special Economic Zone it's an active part of Port of Vines.

Company Descriptions

Company Flag Company Name Company Description Date Established (in AN) Notes
Sokoku Industries Sokoku Industries Sokoku Industries is synonym in Jingdao for an umbrella company which is active in several domains. Originally a mining company, it soon used the earned funds to become the main armament distributor of the country. The company was formerly known as Heimat Industries. It's active in the steel sector, automotive products, shipbuilding and armament industry. 1584
Goruda Mining Goruda mining Goruda Mining is active in the Qianjin Province (Dalmacija Region) and became the main mining company. 1578
Ecclesiastical Academy of Pentapolis Ecclesiastical Academy of Pentapolis The Kerkelijke Academie van Pentapolis (KAP) or Ecclesiastical Academy of Pentapolis traces its history back to before Jingdaoese times. Nowadays its located in Shanbao (Antican Isles). 1586
Union of Jingdaoese Construction Workers Union of Jingdaoese Construction Workers The Union of Jingdaoese Construction Workers represents the most important construction firms in the country. TBD
Fukushipan Agency Fukushipan Agency The Fukushipan Agency (Welfare and Bread Agency) is responsible for the distribution of a minimum of food to the population. While any citizen has the right to request for help, it's mainly the poorer parts of the population which ask for support. It's also responsible for labour distribution and social welfare services. TBD
Kildfare Kildfare Kildfare is most likely the oldest transport company on the Apollonian continent, having existed prior to 3944 ASC. It's responsible for the most important railways, as well the ferry lines. 1564
Noka Association Noka Association The Noka Association (Farmer's Association) is the largest producer of agriculture in Jingdao. TBD
Unso Lines Unso Lines Unso Lines acts as a transport company for industrial shipping. TBD
Batavian Broadcasting Company Batavian Broadcasting Company The Batavian Broadcasting Company was founded in 3105 ASC and has functioned as film company ever since. TBD
Nihona Zaibatsu Nihona Zaibatsu Nihona Zaibatsu is active in the southern and isle provinces and acts as a banking service. TBD
Jing Air Jing Air Jing Air is the largest Jingdaoese air service within the Empire. It's also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Sisera One. TBD
Chiso Corporation Chiso Corporation Chiso Corporation was established after the War of Lost Brothers in 1657 as a chemical company whose products include chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. 1657
Mino Cemento Minoto Cemento Minoto Cemento is the primary cement company of the Empire. It's the main contractor for the Imperial Household and delivered the majority of much needed cement to help expand and construct the City of Daocheng since 1623 and onwards. It's active in the cement, real estate and construction business 1623
Meiji Denki Meiji Denki Kabushiki-gaisha Meiji Denki is an electrical equipment company, manufacturing pressure transmitters, flowmeters, gas analyzers, controllers, inverters, pumps, generators, ICs, motors, and power equipment. TBD
Taigo Denki Taigo Denki Meiji Denki primary concern is the manufacturing of chemical products and industrial materials. Its products serve a wide array of fields ranging from heavy industry to the electronic and, more recently, computer industries. Especially in that last sector, it was of utmost importance for upgrading the systems connected to the National Redoubt Defence Program. TBD
Shinjitsu Shinjitsu Shinjitsu is a major company which publishes several newspapers, magazines and books. 1627
Uso Heavy Industries Uso Heavy Industries Uso Heavy Industries is known as a manufacturer of motorcycles, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense equipment, rolling stock, gas turbines, boilers and other industrial products. 1644
Chisakute Hayai Manufacturing Chisakute Hayai Manufacturing Chisakute Hayai Manufacturing is the manufacturer of armoured vehicles. Established in the aftermath of the War of Lost Brothers, it began mass producing small, light armoured but fast tank vehicles. The Type 1671 light tank is there newest design and mass produced for the Army. 1658
Kaze Aircraft Company Kaze Aircraft Company Kaze Aircraft Company is a prominent aircraft manufacturer and aviation engine manufacturer. After the War of Lost Brothers, the Grand Secretariat desired to strengthen its arsenal of air planes. With Sokoku Industries overstretched and lacking certain know how, Kaze was established in cooperation with sponsors from Passio-Corum. 1659
Hitomi Group Hitomi Group The Hitomi Group is the largest Jingdaoese manufacturer of trains and locomotives. It works closely together with Kildfare and often undertakes joint ventures with that company to expand the rail network. 1664
Guoguo Airlines Guoguo Airlines Guoguo Airlines is an airline company located in northern Jingdao that connects Senya with Daocheng 1670
Shouxuan Airlines Shouxuan Airlines Shouxuan Airlines is an airline company located in Daocheng 1670
Gangtie Industries Gangtie Industries Gangtie Industries is a manufacturer of airplanes for the civil market 1670
Daocheng Manufacturing Company Daocheng Manufacturing Company (Daocheng Seizō Kabushiki Company) Jing Seizō Kabushiki Kaisha is a manufacturer of weapons, like guns and artillery. 1671
Senden Shitsu Senden Shitsu Senden Shitsu is a privately owned company, responsible for advertisements and propaganda purposes.. 1671

Product List

Company Product Standard Price
Prices High Prices Normal Prices Low Prices Unchanging
Sokoku Industries M15 Adrian helmet 1/.25 Shares X
80mm field gun 1/1.6 Shares X
Dolstier I (main battle tank) 1/350 Shares X
Ozymandias Dreadnought Class 1/40,000 Shares X
Kattei-class battleship 1/20,000 Shares X
Blackrock-class carrier 1/60,000 Shares X
Magigarp-class frigate 1/10,000 Shares X
Sheng-class cruiser 1/2,500 Shares X
Raven IV Model 1/10,000 Shares X
Jan-van-Gent VII Model 1/7,500 Shares X
Goruda Mining Gold .2g/Share .28/Share
Uranium .1lb/Share .14/Share
Coal 10 Tons/Share 14/Share
Iron 25 Tons/Share 35/Share
Lead 15 Tons/Share 21/Share
Ecclesiastical Academy of Pentapolis Credit Hours 100/Share X
Union of Jingdaoese Construction Workers Construction Workers .25 Workers/Share .35/Share
Fukushipan Agency Bread Distribution 3 Tons/Share 4.2/Share
Medical assistance (limited) 10 Patients/Share 14/Share
Kildfare Railway .03km/Share X
Noka Association Wheat .25 Tons/Share .35/Share
Spices 2 Tons/Share 2.8/Share
Wine 3.62kl/Share 5.068/Share
Hay 25 Tons/Share 35/Share
Nihona Zaibatsu Financial Advisors .15 Advisors/Share .21/Share
Investment Brokers .1 Advisors/Share .14/Share
Jing Air Flights (Lucíusu <-> Daocheng) .02536 Flights/Share X
Flights (Zidü Wéazde <-> Daocheng) .019872 Flights/Share X
Flights (Blore Heath <-> Daocheng) .028416 Flights/Share X
Flights (Newcastle upon Eastmoor <-> Daocheng) .029856 Flights/Share X
Chiso Corporation Insecticide 20lbs/Share 28/Share
Herbicide 12lbs/Share 16.8/Share
Rodenticide 10lbs/Share 14/Share
Bactericide 5lbs/Share 7/Share
Fungicide 11lbs/Share 15.4/Share
Larvicide 17lbs/Share 23.8/Share
Minoto Cemento Cement 20 Tons/Share 28/Share
Meiji Denki Component Package* 1/Share 1.4/Share
Taigo Denki TBD TBD/Share
Uso Heavy Industries Heavy Equipment .65 Units/Share .91/Share
Motorcycles 3 Units/Share 4.2/Share
Kaze Aircraft Company Alpha Class Proximity Aircraft 1/2,500 Shares X
Aead Class Attack Helicopter 1/1,750 Shares X
Petal Class Unmanned Attack Aircraft 1/800 Shares X
Petal Class Unmanned Attack Aircraft 1/200 Shares X
836-C "83-SixtyC" Compound Intercept 1/2,250 Shares X
Antarctic Class Sea Bomber 1/1,550 Shares X
Antarctic Class Sea Bomber 1/1,550 Shares X
Yaddith-1 Class Fighter 1/2,500 Shares X
Hitomi Group Passenger Train (Long Distance) 1/500 Shares X
Passenger Train (Short Distance) 1/250 Share X
Passenger Train (Local) 1/100 Shares X
Gangtie Industries Feixing Tianhou TBD
Gongyewu TBD
Qingbian TBD
  • Component Package Contains negotiable quantities of the following materials:
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Flowmeters
  • Gas Analyzers
  • Controllers
  • Inverters
  • Pumps
  • Generators

List of Investors

Investor Name Shares Owned Percentage of Shares Owned
Council of Courts 18,500 3.11%
Jingdao 430,000 72.27%
Wallis Islands 5,000 .84%
Eastern Eura Trade Association 7,500 1.26%
Passas 5,000 .84%

Recent Employment Reports

Year Number of People Employed Total Paid in Wages Average Wages/Person Total Value of Company Production Modifier
1673 AN / 39.60 PSSC (May 2019) 49,184,387 2,798,256 Credits .06 Credits 3,961,000 Credits Surplus (+20%)
1672 AN / 39.40 PSSC (April 2019) 49,979,975 2,814,835 Credits .06 Credits 3,961,000 Credits Extreme Cold (-10%)
TBA AN / 39.20 PSSC (March 2019) 51,737,867 2,899,206 Credits .05 Credits 3,961,000 Credits Floods (-10%)
TBA AN / 39.00 PSSC (February 2019) 57,665,216 3,019,624 Credits .05 Credits 3,728,000 Credits Floods (-10%)
TBA AN / 38.80PSSC (January 2019) 58,341,386 3,130,958 Credits .05 Credits 3,728,000 Credits Piracy (-20%)
TBA AN / 38.60PSSC (December 2018) 57,969,674 3,962,414 Credits .07 Credits 3,588,000 Credits Floods (-10%)
TBA AN / 38.00PSSC (August 2018) 79,000,058 3,202,245 Credits .04 Credits 2,691,000 Credits Rebellion (-30%)
TBA AN / 37.80 PSSC (July 2018) 79,612,853 3,202,245 Credits .04 Credits 2,691,000 Credits Drought (-10%)
TBA AN / 37.60 PSSC (June 2018) 42,001,455 1,676,138 Credits .039 Credits 1,861,275 Credits Epidemic (-20%)
1660 AN / 37.40 PSSC (May 2018) 41,109,300 1,676,138 Credits .04 Credits 1,861,275 Credits Surplus (+30%)
1657 AN / 37.00 PSSC (February 2018) 42,581,294 1,723,851 Credits .04 Credits 1,893,645 Credits Drought (-20%)
1655 AN / 36.60 PSSC (December, 2017) 15,543,390 157,316 Credits .01 Credits 237,795 Credits Crime (-10%)
1654 AN / 36.40 PSSC (November, 2017) 15,017,214 157,316 Credits .01 Credits 237,795 Credits Epidemic (-20%)
1653 AN / 36.25 PSSC (October, 2017) 12,303,091 123,329 Credits .01 Credits 237,795 Credits Piracy (-10%)
36.07 PSSC 11,977,506 119,996 Credits .01 Credits 237,795 Credits Rebellion (-30%)
35.89 PSSC 12,165,241 135,750 Credits .011 Credits 237,795 Credits Piracy (-20%)
35.74 PSSC 4,273,103 78,088 Credits .018 Credits 223,270 Credits Epidemic(-20%)
35.55 PSSC 1,266,277 83,433 Credits .07 Credits 201,275 Credits Heatwave (-20%)
35.39 PSSC 281,728 50,040 Credits .17 Credits 68,234 Credits Drought (-20%)