Jeremiah Avon-El

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Jeremiah Avon-El (1625–), son of Eskender Avon-El (1591–1666) and Salina Voder (1592– ). One elder sister, Sara Avon-El (1622– ). Purchased commission as Ahmst Mairstranin (junior tribune) in 1644. Promoted to Cohort Tribune in 1647. Married to Johanna Zebulonsdottar (1628–) in 1650. Son, Zacharias, born 1651. Assigned by Steward Zinkgraven to the Gravship IRS Medusa as flag officer for Operation Cask (1655). Bivarhins Salbnan (Palatine Legate) of the Scholae Kampioenae (1656-1658). Participant in Battle of Goldshore (1656). Appointed Prefect of New Blackstone (1656). Known as the Count of the English Shore in negotiations with the Nova English. Returned the ashes of Beowulf Blaec to Nova England, along with the head of Lieutenant Hasten Lupinus, as part of negotiations for truce days and complaint hearings (1656). Expelled Sea-Reavers from Hempton Bay in retaliation for their taking the part of Steward Zinkgraven after his deposition (1658). Pursued anti-piracy campaign 1658-1659. Negotiated reconciliation with Sea-Reavers in 1659. Sold Zinkgraven to the Nova English in exchange for 10,000 Ergonian labourers and 360 gallons of Fréamiht Traditional Dark Ale (1660). Expelled the Sea-Reavers to the island of Doyle (1665). Promoted to Frainan Uihmanzis (Major General / Dux) in the Imperial Forces and appointed to command of Western Banner Group of Benacia Command (1665). Defected with his command to the Black Legions after the Kalirion Fracture (1671). Represented Benacia Command and the Unified Governorates on visits to Kalgachia and Elwynn in 1676, meeting Caustifer Yastreb and Frederik Haabye Truls and furthering discussions concerning bilateral trade, quarantine regimes against memetic contagions, and additional confidence building measures between Benacian states. Released from service with the Black Legions in late 1677 following the revelation of the extent of his expanding business interests in Nova England and Kalgachia. Recalled to service and appointed to supreme authority over Benacia Command and the Unified Governorates following the abrupt retirement of Constantine Loup in 1678. Investiture and second marriage to Guendolen Loup (1678). Adopted the regnal name Raynor XIII Kalirion (1680). Retired from the position of Szodan of Benacia in 1683 due to being incapacitated from illness, succeeded by Vüqar Rugahi. Assigned to the rule of the Siyachia and the Protectorates following recovery from illness in 1685. Councillor of Sathrati from 1687 onwards.

Member of a cadet branch (Avon-El) of the Kalirion Dynasty by virtue of descent from Cashmaiel Andelarion. First cousin of Ander Avon-El, second cousin of Li Naomiai.

Fréo-Fýst (Free Fist) martial arts enthusiast. Recipient of Nova English citizenship (1677). Warden of the Pachadsberg Special Recreational Zone and Assistant-Director of the Puckadobey Savings Bank following a period of administrative consolidation embarked upon by factions in the Kalgachi "deep state" (1677–). Exarch of the Warring Islands (1689).