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Jef Vermussen

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Jef Vermussen
Physical information
Gender male
Biographical information
Nationality Dutch
Allegiance(s) Netherlands
Occupation Prime Minister, President

Jer Vermussen was a politician in the Netherlands and its successor the Islamic Internet Republic. He was an MP for several years and joined Nihill Romez's party Fresxa Komenci.

He became Prime Minister in 2010. During the coup against president Romez, he assumed presidential powers and called for new legislative and presidential elections. He then sided as an independent candidate with the Islamic Revolutionary Party and helped establishing the Islamic Internet Republic. He didn't join the government-in-exile though.

Preceded by:
Prime Minister of the Republic of the Netherlands
2010-02-21 - 2010-05-23
Succeeded by
Preceded by:
Nihill Romez
President of the Republic of the Netherlands
2010-04-28 - 2010-05-11
Succeeded by
Preceded by:
as Prime Minister
Grand Vizier of the Islamic Internet Republic
2010-07-01 - 2010-12-20
Succeeded by