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Javelin Industries

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Javelin Industries
Type Public
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Information Security
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
Founded 1673 AN
Headquarters Amapola, Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua

Javelin Industries is an Alduro-Wechua aerospace, defense, and advanced technologies company headquartered in the city of Amapola, Alduria. It was formed by the merger of several smaller companies in 1673 AN, the two largest being the National Aerospace Corporation (NAC) in Amapola and the Société Industrielle Aérospatiale d'Alduria (SIAA) in Beauharnais.

The company builds civilian and military aircraft, rockets, and satellites, its largest customer being the Alduro-Wechua Federation. Javelin Industries is Alduria-Wechua's largest defense contractor, based on revenue for the fiscal year 1686 AN. It is also a leading contractor for many Council of State departments, the National Research and Development Corporation, and Project Fortuna.

During the mid-1680's (AN), Javelin Industries bought several state-owned companies that were being privatized in order to raise funds for several ambitious government programs implemented by the new Alduro-Wechua Fedration. The largest of these state-owned firms that were absorbed was the Aldurian Aviation Corporation. The company also won important government contracts from the new federal government, the largest of these being the contract to participate in Project Fortuna, the Alduro-Wechua national space program.

Javelin Industries is currently developing a new stealth joint strike fighter in a consortium with Ransenar for use in their respective militaries. Javelin Industries is also developing an advanced space surveillance system to track artificial satellites, spaceships, and space debris in orbit around Micras.

The company has also invested in the development of renewable energy systems and intelligent energy distribution. Javelin Industries and AlduATOM formed a joint venture in 1678 AN to develop compact nuclear fusion, the Orbaetron Company.

The company is led by its CEO Henri Pompidou (since 1680 AN), a Natopian industrialist from the city of Triegon.



Aerospace engines

Fixed wing aircraft


Unmanned aereal vehicles

Air defense systems and missiles

Space related products

Licenced small-arms

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