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Jana Drakeford

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Jana Drakeford (neé: Al-Basani) is a Calbain businesswoman of Benacian origin. She was born in 1651 in the Free Port of Chryse as the daughter of Iron Company Governor Villiam Al-Basani. After a quick rise in Verionian circles, she served as Vicereine of Chryse and Governor of the Iron Company. In 1689, she married former Calbain Governor-General Evyn Drakeford and was naturalised Calbain. This was a culmination of the complete withdrawal of the Iron Company from Chryse, which had become a stagnant and dormant port due to the influx of the ESB group and the lackluster performance of Isor Isor as Viceroy.

Jana Drakeford became the first High Director of the Princely Exploration and Trading Company.