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Jamzinia national football team

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Jamzinia Jamzinia
Logo of the Jamzinia national football team
Association JFA
FMF member 2007–09
Confederation AEFA (2007–08)
EMUFA (2008–09)
FMF code JMZ
First FMF intermicronational
Jamzinia Jamzinia 3–1 Lovely Lovely
Biggest win
Jamzinia Jamzinia 5–0 Adraisia Adraisia
Biggest defeat
Craitland Craitland 2–0 Jamzinia Jamzinia
Bosworth Bosworth 2–0 Jamzinia Jamzinia
FMF World Cup
Appearances 1 (first in 2007)
Best result Group stage

The Jamzinia national football team was the football team which represented the CIS constituent nation of Jamzinia. It was a member of the EMUFA after originally being affiliated to the AEFA, and was run by the JFA.


The team was founded in 2007 after Jamzinia was granted FMF membership after existing on Micras since earlier in the year as a constituent nation of the CIS. Later in the year, the team competed in their first qualifiers for the FMF World Cup, beating Lovely 4–2 on aggregate before coming second their three-team group to seal qualification. In the finals, the team could only lose all three of their matches and finish bottom of a group containing eventual finalists Craitland and Tokidoki.

Prior to the following year's qualifiers, the team resigned their AEFA membership in favour of that of the EMUFA. In their six team qualifying group, the team finished third with 14 points, ahead of Mexihco on goal difference, and failed to reach a second consecutive finals.

Despite the CIS leaving Micras in early 2009, the team were permitted to compete in the year's qualifiers with a forfeited three-point deduction. The team finished third in their group with eleven points, one point behind West Ocia in the play-off place, before leaving the FMF.

Chronological competitive participation



Jamzinia used the following flags during its FMF affiliation:

2007 2007–09